WiW One Year Ago // What has changed?

Thanks to the YLF blog, I can easily see what I was wearing one year ago, and see where my style has evolved. I was hoping to draw on the collective YLF wisdom to help answer the questions:

  1. What has changed for the better?
  2. What are the still relevant themes?
  3. Where am I heading?
I have an idea about the answers for these, and I definitely see some themes that still persist, but I'm interested to hear what you dear ladies have to say, especially since I rely so much on your guidance as it is!
  1. Changes for the better - I appreciate the longer hemlines, and also the more tailored toppers. I also like thicker belts these days, and defining more of a waist has been important. I think better quality also shines through for my more recent attire.
  2. I still see some common themes - fit and flare being predominant, as well are toppers, and interesting necklaces. The Kate Spade influence had already been starting. I also love belts, tights and boots. And pony-tails.
  3. I think more grown-up patterns are needed with the fit-and-flare. I like the idea of solid skirts and more patterned tops (3) but hopefully, I can get more creative than that. I also like more grown-up glasses... and leather belts. 
Thanks in advance :)


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WIW x5: Airplanes, Blueberries, Cities and a Dud...

Technically only four outfits this week - I had a night of call; so it's a jammy day today and I really need to get to sleep ... but I got a little OCPD and was angry with the formatting of photos, so I had to pull out the old PowerPoint and manually adjust things. :) My "tolerance of discomfort" is low today.

Outfit #1 - In which a patient tried to name all the airplanes on my skirt instead of answering the questions and paying attention to therapy - I enjoyed the flying theme - peacock feathers and an airplane skirt! I may have to rethink this skirt for longer sessions, especially if people are starting to ask why the F14 is on the skirt and why SeaKings are under-representated :p May be a clinic skirt only. - Blazer: RW&Co, Top, Earrings: SmartSet, Skirt, Necklace: ModCloth, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Pumps: Le Chateau, Watch: Fossil

Outfit #2 - Bouncing blueberries with pink cardigan (YLF suggested!) - I am getting a lot of use out of this dress which is surprising to me because of the fabrication (it's really a party dress), but I really love it! And bouncing blueberries make me happy! - Cardigan: Forever21, Dress: Betsy Johnson, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Necklace: Le Chateau, Earrings: RW&Co, Pumps: Naturalizer, Watch: Fossil

Outfit #3 - Bouncing blueberries with the "Blackberry" coat - Cheating a bit; I already shared this! Love the coat. I get strange looks when I leave it hanging where everyone else hangs up their jackets though, so it may need to live in my locked office. *sigh* - Same sources as #2 - Trench: Gift

Outfit #4 - The City of Night dress for a night shift sounded fitting :) - Tons of compliments, as per usual for this dress. I didn't really like it with the darker cardigan though, it's too wintery for my light shoes. I didn't really wear the cardigan much at work, anyway. +30C out today and our A/C was on the fritz. Someone complimented me on my deltoids. LOL. Cardigan: Ricki's, Dress: Maggie Suiz, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Earrings: Ruche, Pumps: Naturalizer, Watch: Fossil

Outfit #5 - "There is something going on here that I like." - From a patient who doesn't like anything. Ever. Even pumpkin pie, she turns her up nose at. I guess something is going on right here then!! - Cardigan: Ricki's, Blouse: Dorothy Perkins, Dress: Anthropologie, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Pumps: Naturalizer, Earrings: RW&Co, Watch: Fossil

Outfit #6 - Oooooooh boy. - I took a look at some Pinterest outfits and thought that a chambray shirt would be SUCH A GOOD IDEA. No. I think it's terrible. But I thought I'd share anyway. Wouldn't wear this out of the house. Thanks. - Shirt, Cardigan: Ricki's, Dress: Ruby Belle, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Pumps: Naturalizer

Bonus #7 - I love my little zippy wallet - I've used it every day since I have purchased it, but it's larger counterpart, my Coach Legacy purse, has sat on a shelf. Just to prove it's hard to predict what will get used and what will not! :) I think I'm going to pass on the purse and keep the wristlet!! HAHA. Oh dear. - Dress: Modcloth, Wristlet: Coach


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WiW x5 ... and the "Burberry" Debut!

Phew! It's been a busy week! I must say I miss YLF a lot in the mornings, and it is strange because I am actually getting to work -later- than before when I did post WIW. Who knows! :)

Real life stuff: I passed my therapy examination and got caught up in a lockdown of our subway system because a firearm was spotted (in the end, turned out to be unloaded and inoperable, but still a bit scary) - I ended up walking about 5 km home - thank goodness for a spare pair of flats in my locker!

Outfit 1 (1/2) - "Aren't you cuter than a bruised peach?" - I hum and hawed about getting this dress, because I thought I had enough florals in my closet, but I'm glad I did get it! I love how it pairs equally well with my brown blazer and pink blazer, as well as my yellow and pink sweaters! :) And all my patients commented on my T-Rex necklace. I guess they do pay attention to what you wear! Dress: Ruby Belle, Cardigan: Joe Fresh, Earrings: Anthropologie, Necklace: ModCloth, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Watch: Fossil, Shoes: Le Chateau

Outfit 2 (3/4) - aka "You look like Dr. Blueberry!" - This was advertised as a party dress, but it wasn't too shiny, and I wanted to wear it! It is tulle lined, but I thought it would be fun. The tulle is a bit scratchy though! Blazer: Rickis, Dress: Betsy Johnson, Earrings: RW&Co, Necklace: ModCloth, Belt: Anthropologie, Watch: Fossil, Shoes: Le Chateau

Outfit 3 (5/6/7) - aka "DID YOU GET THAT DRESS IN AFRICA?" - Someone thought that there were chicken drumsticks on my dress, so that made for a rather interesting discussion. They are definitely giraffes. One of the other residents was convinced that the shirt came with the dress ... I guess they are a good match? Also, I think hair down in #6 makes me look more round. Dislike. Wore the ponytail. Blouse: Dorothy Perkins, Dress: Ruby Belle, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Shoes: Le Chateau

Outfit 4 (8/9) - aka "Dr. WHOOOOO?" - One of my patients was worried that my necklace was made of stones so it'd be really heavy and I'd drown if I fell into a river. I thanked her for her concern. :p Cardigan, Belt: Forever21, Blouse, Skirt: Ricki's. Pumps: Le Chateau. Watch: Fossil.

Outfit 5 (10/11) - No one said anything about this outfit, so no quotes :p Not sure how I feel about it. Not my regular kind of style, no topper, maybe. It's also more busy than I prefer. Blouse: Sunny Girl, Skirt, Belt: Anthropologie, Necklace: ModCloth, Pumps: Le Chateau.

Burberry Debut (12-16) - Love it! Plaid lining on the inside, under the collar and in the windflap in the back. Also, lined pockets! And I love how you can neatly wear your jacket open without everythin' flappin' in the breeze! Also, need to tie the knot at the back neater!


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WiW: Similar, But Different...

... had to run something to the other hospital this morning (this is why they need a way so I can file lab requisitions online!) and decided to dress up just in case I run into a patient (chances very slim) - but I'm glad I did, because I ran into a patient's family feeding the parking meter outside! 

Luckily, they had a bad memory and didn't remember what I wore yesterday, or at least didn't comment on it. HAHA. 

Outfit from yesterday (#4) for comparison. Same blazer and top, but different skirt. 

PS: Found my brown belt in my car. No idea how it got there. :p


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WiW: A Professional Look ... and the Fun Commute! // New Jacket!


My new jacket came in the post yesterday, and after a long fight with the postal office, I got it released to me! It's a black pleather quilted jacket and is actually quite warm. I ordered it in black (#8) and white (#9), but I didn't like the look in white, so that is going back to the store :) It was a steal at $29 (original $120) at Rickis - that means you, Canadian Fabbers!

I thought it was a bit too "fun" for the clinic I was at this morning, so I brought a traditional blazer with me.

You know what I've noticed? Less cardigans and more blazers! The Angie Influence is making me lean toward these tailored looks more and more often!

Also; my last blitz of call has paid for a few extras for me to close out April with - #4 to 7 - The black suede pumps were a steal at $70; Cole Haan that make me feel like Kate Middleton - which I suppose, can't be a bad thing, right? 

Love ya!

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WiW: Old Bright Favorites on a Grey Day!

Man, after a week of double digit temps, we're back to snow and sleet and general yuckiness outside! :( It is supposed to snow more tomorrow - I guess it's a good thing I didn't wash my car? It's quite filthy, though, so I probably need to take it to the car spa in a very bad way!

I enjoy this pink twill dress very much - I have a similar one in navy too; and wish they made it in more colours! Gah, oh well!

And a pug enjoying their tunes this morning! - #4.

PS: The washing system ate these tights, but they are my only dark purple ones, so we'll see what happens - haha; maybe I need to go tights shopping!

- Pleather jacket: Rickis
- Pink twill dress: Dorothy Perkins
- Floofy scarf: Smart Set
- Purple tights: Smart Set
- Necklace: Le Chateau
- Boots (where are they?): Flurries

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WIWx3 in Sketches - ... hair grows fast!

LOL, the less potty-mouthed edition! :) 

:| I didn't realize how fast my hair grew. It's actually a little longer than shoulder length right now, but it hasn't been cut since grad (May 2012), so it is definitely bushy. Do you know hard it is to book a hair appointment when all you do is work? Luckily, you can't really tell if I spin it up into a bun or a ponytail! :) Also, not very many split ends because I have nice shampoo.

I have also used some more of my extra funding on getting a few things that hopefully will fill some wardrobe gaps for me - a long cotton skirt (#4) - and tops with sleeves of some sort (#5 and #6). 

There are a few other things I am considering, but am a bit worried about the colouring in #7 and #8, and am not sure about #9 - no sleeves :p 

I have been fooling around with Stylebook a lot, trying to find a good balance between what I have and what I want - but I can't really find what I want either.

I can't put a finger on what element my closet is really missing. I think it's more the holes in my life that need filling, rather than my closet. Just feel lonely these days.


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A silly WIW ... an update, and a new book!

Dear YLF,

Sorry for being sparse, but my SYB continues and I have been doing okay, including picking up two extra shifts and have been teaching the med students to stretch my SYB a little bit! One of the things I picked up on a whim was this doodle/sketch book called "What I Wore Today" in which you are encouraged to draw your outfits for an entire year! This sounds quite daunting, although you only pick key outfits for a particular season - with that in mind, I just picked some of my favorites per clinical rotation.

#1 - Internal Medicine
#2 - Public Health

Some of my new picks I have been working for as a treat, and the rest of it into savings! I'm such a big girl now! LOL.

#3 - Slouchy boots which will hopefully take me into spring; I will miss my tall riding boots! Such a staple! Aldo; about $80.

#4 - I have been in love with the nautical trend and navy and Kate Spade-esque things lately, so I thought this would make a nice addition to my navy capsule! Closet UK; about $50 after discounts.

#5 - One of my coworkers had these and they looked simply fabulous! I used to never wear gold-toned earrings or accessories, but I like the way they look in the summer! Multiple shops; about $4.80 at Forever21.

#6 - I have a similar dress in a straight sheath (#7), but I really like the flare! Couldn't say no to a party/fancy dress that I could just throw on! BB Dakota; only $20 on clearance! 

PS: No luck so far in the dating world. Sigh.

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WiW: Wearing (almost) the same thing as a patient. Who is a man.

So, I get to work today and there was something urgent going down ("Dr. Lyn, we have someone who is actively crumping!!!"), so I didn't have time to grab my white coat. I arrived onto the ward with my jacket and all! And low and behold, my new patient today was wearing almost the same thing I was. Down to the bomber jacket, except he earned his through football and I earned mine through crusing the sale racks at Forever21! He also had a black and white striped shirt (no skirt though), and he wore black pants. He thought my outfit was hilarious. Also, he was fine, they just put the monitor on in correctly.

Regardless, here's my WiW - this is another dress that I had bought before SYC that I wasn't sure what to do with. I think the initial intention was to use the top and pair it with a solid skirt, but I think it's okay as a dress, even though with the pleats and the stripes, you can't see all the stripes - that's okay, right?

This bomber is so fun! Thanks for the recommendation, Angie!

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WiW: Wardrobe Orphans Out to Play!

When you're SYC you're gonna dig in to the deepest corners of your closet to see what you have to play with, right? 

I found some fun pieces! I love this stripe dress (it reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream!) and the cotton is actually quite sturdy and the pockets are super fun! I got a ton of compliments on it!

And the bomber jacket trend - I had picked this up for $12 at Forever 21 clearance because I needed a looser jacket last season for some bizzare reason or another; but hey - I think it kinda works together to toughen up my dress somewhat! 

I did pack a black cardigan to wear at work though; bomber jackets are probably too trendy for the hospital :P And too warm!

PS: Yesterday was a terrible, no good, double bad day - I locked my wallet and my keys inside my locker, and my lock combo was written on the back of my wallet (I'm dyslexic and memorizing numbers won't happen. Ever.) Regardless, the person who knew the combo was (of course) away until Wednesday. Consequently, I walked about 5 km home, but I had a coupon for a free coffee, so I had something to slurp on the way! HAHA. I also had to walk 5 km this morning to get to work to retrieve my car. :p

At least I had a cute dress? :) And good walking shoes? And it was +7?

PPS: Bonus! #5 - One of the dresses I had wanted for a long time that happened to be in the discard pile of a friend who was moving across the country IN MY SIZE. SO TOTALLY MINE! *squee* - It needs to get dry cleaned, though, because her cats sleep in her discard pile and I am allergic to cat dander! (ironic, cat dander on a cat dress!)

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