WiW: Finally got one of those J. Crew bubble necklaces! *Splurge!*

I finally took the plunge and got a semi-expensive addition to my wardrobe - one of those J. Crew bubble necklaces! I got one pre-owned, but I've wanted one for about a year, and finally decided to get one! Unfortunately, I think it is a knock off (perils of online shopping) - but oh well; you know how these things are!

I went with a pattern-mix too! :) I hope this outfit look okay - went with my Fossil boots for today! New crew I'm working with today, so I thought I'd step it up a little bit!

Hope everything looks okay!


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A Retrospective: WIW 5 Years Ago - 10 Hilarious Pictures

Haha; my mother was saying that she found a bunch of my old clothes from before I moved out to go to medical school and would I want them now? It got me thinking about what I wore 5 years ago - and here's a snapshot of the pics I could find that reflected my style back then.

I don't know what I would call it? Walmart Boho? HAHA. And omg, those are some terrible dresses in #6 and #8. I wouldn't be caught dead in those these days!

And a bonus pic of me in pants - #10 - actual dress pants for my white coat ceremony. Ugh. What a terrible fitting top too! :)

At least I still like bright pink (#3) and square necks (#3, 7, 9) ... but man, that jacket in #1 is just absolutely dreadful. I was surprised I owned a white shirt (#3, #2) - because I thought I never did!

Glad I'm outta that phase of my life - NO MOM I DO NOT WANT THOSE CLOTHES BACK!

Hope you all had a good laugh :)

PS: The cat in #1 is not my kitty. His name is Buddy and he's not soft, even though he looks like he would be. He's actually really greasy feeling :(


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WIW ... and (unofficially) voted best dressed resident on rotation! :D

Sorry for being stodgy lately, but I've finally finished my stretch of crazy call - and I'm back to pruning my closet in preparation for the upcoming spring and summer (am totally excited to bring new favorites back into circulation!)

Some of the very nice nurses on my unit today surprised me and said that they had voted me best dressed resident on my rotation! Totally means a ton to me - but a bit silly, because the rest of them all wear green scrubs all day! HAHA. I guess I look better than someone in scrubs? :p

And I've attached a pic of everyone's favorite outfit - :P The yellow cardigan, apparently cinched the deal!

Thanks YLF for helping me find my style! :) Now I can't wait to see it change... HAHA.

1// ... the Zara jacket
2// ... I decided on the Fossil boots
3/4// ... What boots to wear?
5// ... everyone's fav outfit!


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WiW: Post-Call Shopping (Always a Dangerous Sport)

I had a few returns to take back to Ricki's and of course, I was going to check out their new arrivals - I think I've realized why I hated Ricki's in the past! I used to just shop the sales rack and couldn't find anything I really liked!

Now, everything that I like is in new arrivals and my size has already sold out in my favorites (my cobalt blazer, my dotty top, my flower top, my v-cardigans) ... it's kind of nuts! :)

ETA - I tried on a teal top (#5) that I thought was cute; but I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to pay full price for it! You can see I brought the ol' dotty top out to play again!


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WiW ... dress/scarf challenge and a scary day :(

Good afternoon!

Today is a difficult day for me, and luckily, my preceptors are kind and do not require me to come into work.

Regardless, I still wanted to get dressed for the day - and I thought my new dress was quite comfy. I usually don't wear scarves, but since I just came back from a trip, I thought I'd channel a little bit of vintage air stewardess vibe :)

A sad note on the dress - there are some holes in it from someone else trying it on - but luckily, I was fairly compensated for the damage by the company. Unfortunately, they do not have any new ones left, but I don't think it's too noticeable! :)

I doubt this is a kind of look I'd wear on a regular basis, but a forced infusion of fun today.


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WIW - Workin' the New Top .. and bonus: Blue/White/Black! :)

Short clinical day today, so I had time to do some things for myself (very exciting = oil change) this afternoon, so I popped home to change and snap an extra photo today! My first outfit is just my to-work usual; but my second was inspired my Angie's article in the main blog today - these are the darkest pants I have that are not a true black, but I think the look still holds!

Also; I've been having trouble with my clothes this morning - it took me awhile to find what I wanted to find in my closet! And I've been noticing that I'm consistently looking for very particular things - so I decided to hang my most frequently used 10 dresses/10 tops/10 skirts and 5 blazers on my rack! Pretty ... thought I'd share :D

I love suggestions :) *nodnodnod*


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WiW - The new dresses are here! ... and trying to figure out toppers!

I hadn't originally planned on wearing this dress today, but it is one of my favorites and I decided to try it out this morning to see if the shoulders would be a problem to dress up/down (as Shannon had suggested on my other thread). I also have been having some second thoughts about toppers to go with my dresses, so this is what I tried to do...

WiW Today (1 to 3) - I ended up going with look #1 for the morning, and not buttoning up the blazer when I was doing individual therapy. I thought it looked too formal and not relaxed enough ...

Dress 1 (4-6) - There is a bit of sparkle to this dress in the material which was actually a nice surprise, and it was also lined quite nicely in a dark material too! Super excited about that; I think it would be easy to mix and match up the belt. #5 - Blazer; #6 - Cardigan. It doesn't seem to lend itself as easily to this type of round-neck cardigan, I am thinking I will have more luck with a V-neck. I don't feel too pooch belly in this.

Dress #2 (7 to 11) - This reminds me why I dislike tailored pieces. All I see is stomach. GAH. It's so incredibly frustrating. All I can see when I wear this dress is how my stomach sticks out which is really kind of silly because I'm sure it sticks out for the majority of the people who wear this dress. It's just making me very unhappy. 9/10 - Blazer. 11 - Cardigan.

Any thoughts?


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WiW: ... Now With Less Flirty Romantic Princess!


Had a smashing day today! Met with some really amazing patients and worked with very dedicated staff ... and managed to drive through a snowstorm! On the plus side, +6 next week in January! Wow, super spoiled!

I went with an old favorite today, and put in a touch of my own personality with the bright cardigan over a faux-wrap sheath dress in grey. Gold coin earrings in (#5).

SURPRISE - Had to be filmed today doing a patient encounter for teaching the medical students! And the outfit looked great in HD! Apparently I have a very annoying verbal tick that they all picked up, and my chin looks HUGE in HD (I think it was the angle of the camera), but aside from that, the pink looked really nice on TV.

What do you think of the dress? I feel it was a bit bum-showing if I didn't wear the cardigan, so I had mixed feelings about a cropped jacket with it.

Is this outfit more successfully less flirty? Might still be romantic princess though!


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WiW: Dots + Jeans = Casual ... and bonus outtakes!

Didn't have to go into work today! Some personal stuff is going on, so to distract from it, went out to take a look at a few pieces I had spotted online that had caught my fancy - unfortunately, it didn't really translate in the real world, and I walked away empty handed. Oh well! Funds for another purchase, perhaps?

I thought they were "fine" but I wasn't really happy with spending money on "fine" anymore - the pink dress was about $120 (Reg $169) and the plaid dress was $46 (Reg $169).

I usually don't get a lot of chance to wear jeans, so I thought I'd take the pic to show you guys - otherwise this outfit isn't too exciting! :)

Earrings: Forever 21
Top: Jacobs
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Flurries
Pink Dress: Le Chateau
Plaid Dress: Le Chateau
w/ Jacket: Zara
w/ Cardigan: Rickis

ETA: Plaid Dress - http://www.lechateau.com/style.....undy/Black


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2012 Review, Top 15, and I can't believe I WORE THAT!

Dear YLF,

Here are my Top 15 this year! Instead of the BEST 15 looks, I thought I'd pick fifteen looks I'd learn something from so I can improve on it for this year! :) It was painful to look through some of these, but it's all for the sake of learning, right?

1 to 5 - Things I love! Not all of them are recent, and not all of them are dresses! The common trend here though, are all of these pieces are things I wear a lot of - the stripey top in #1 I've worn a ton of times, and mixes well with all sorts of things! Also; the top in #5 as well, I can mix with basically anything. The other common thread is that almost all of these pieces are rather expensive - the cheapest piece is probably the dress in #2 from Forever 21 (I had to put it on hold because it was the last one left); and there are lots of interesting textural elements to each of them, whether it is pleats or layers in #1 and #2. And they're all belted!

6 to 10 - Really old outfits from the beginning of the year... An idea of where I came from and where I'm going to go. #9 and #10 are at the later part of the summer, but the other three are from awhile ago. I think I was totally in love with the topper in 7, 8, 9 and 10; but now I have more toppers to balance things out! I still have that one - it's kinda old now, but I can't find a replacement!

11 to 15 - UGH. Things I hate. I don't know why I ever wore these things; I guess they spoke to me at one point in time. #11 just looks washed out and no-good; that dress is long-gone. #12 pieces are long-gone as well; that dress is simply way too short for me, and I don't like that cardigan one bit. #13 is one that was more recent, but I don't really feel it with the bright bag. I will work on that more. #14 pattern mixing was one that REALLY I thought was cool at the time, but now I'm not a fan of it in the pictures. #15 I think is okay, but really doesn't have the texture or forethought I normally put into my outfits.

Any thoughts/revelations to share with me? :)


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