Pre-Fall Closet Pruning! - My 51 piece current wardrobe :)

Dear YLF,

I have been expressing some boredom in my personal style, so I decided to rehaul my entire wardrobe! Luckily, since I now have a source of income, it is possible! :)

I have the following 50 pieces that see regular rotation through my closet; I was wondering if you wonderful ladies saw any glaring oversights on my part?

The things I haven't included is luggage - I have a leather satchel and a purple carry-on bag. I also have a winter parka. Various scarves and mittens and things I haven't included either!

There are some dresses that are very summery that will be placed into the 'summer' section of the closet and not used when the weather turns cooler.

I've noticed that there really isn't a unifying theme or colour ... am I going to run myself into trouble?

Thanks for your input!



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