WiW: Why Fix What Isn't Broken? Anthro Formula!

Thank you for being patient with my indulgent fashion experimentation in the last little bit; I appreciate all of your help and suggestions to fine tune my personal style!

I have been thinking about it and the best cost per wear and happiness per wear for me has definitely been the second hand Anthropologie market. I can find the quality I want and the quirky prints I so delight in for a fraction of the original (and rather unaffordable) price. I love the lovely cottons and the silk blends that are colourful and the textural elements so fun!

I also find that the "Anthro Formula" has really simplified my morning routine and I have been happy with the results. I rarely have that second guessing issue that I do have elsewhere.

Some of my favorites for today! A few teaching sessions and then lunch out with my residency year!

And I painted my toenails. Teehee!

Cardigan: Forever21
Dress, necklace, belt: Anthropologie
Sandals: Clarks
Satchel, Watch: Fossil
Earrings: Ruche


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WiW? Unsure if I can wear this...

One of the dresses I really liked came in the mail today and I thought of wearing it out tonight to dinner with some friends.

The problem I think is the way the material falls, especially if I wear heels: I feel like I have a little baby belly all the time. Ugh.

Any ideas? --- Aside from Tummy Tuck; the plastic surgeon said no way.

  • Dress, Pumps: Le Chateau
  • Cardigan: Forever21
  • Belt, Necklace: Anthropologie

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WiW: Wardrobe Workhorse that was slow out the gate!

Once upon a time (in a far away land) when I had bought this skirt I had the intention that it was going to be one of those super easy Wardrobe Workhorses! Instead it has been rather biding its time in my closet: but given all the talk lately about workhorses, I decided to try it out today!

I rarely wear white bottoms, which I think has given me pause and hesitation in the past.

I thought that the black cardigan was a bit too long, so I went with the yellow (bonus for bright and cheerful!) but now looking at pics, they seem to be about the same length! Oh what a mess.

I think this skirt will work with flats too. The challenge seems to be what tops to pair with such a bold pattern! Time to put plain tops on the shopping list, I think!

What do you YLFers think? :)

  • Cardigan (black): Ricki's
  • Cardigan (yellow): Forever21
  • Blouse: Dorothy Perkins
  • Skirt: Maeve (Anthropologie)
  • Belt: Joe Fresh
  • Earrings: Anthropologie
  • Pumps: Le Chateau
  • Watch: Fossil

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Ruffles - Can I do it? :| Think it'd work? Y/N

I just found a very pretty and sweet little dress - I think it's the shape that I usually wear, and I know that the brand will fit me - the thing that throws me are ruffles.

Will ruffles work for me? Or are they rather dated? 

Thanks for your input :)


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WiW: Another Anthro Hacked Skirt!

I think this poor skirt had an identity crisis! The model wearing it in the catalogue had it on one way and the one in the sales page had it on another: I think the button placard that used to be there caused some problems, so luckily, the skirt was too big and in making it fit me, I removed that annoying feature! Gah! It is so comfy!

Hope it still looks interesting enough!

Blazer: Zara
Blouse: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: Joe Fresh
Skirt: Anthropologie
Pumps: Le Chateau
Earrings: Ruche
Watch: Fossil

ETA: Pic 4 and 5 - original skirt :) Anthro's Weave the Ring Skirt!


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Fantasy vs. Real Lifestyle - ? Style Direction

I was hoping YLF would be able to help me sort a few things out - I just feel that my style direction is changing again, and I'm a bit worried that I'm moving into a fantasy lifestyle sort of a direction. I do realize that my lifestyle is changing again with this stage of work which is more like my future state of work than anything has been before. I don't really do physical exams anymore, I don't really run codes - so those aspects of my work wardrobes are mostly mute. 

I think my biggest fashion inspiration (aspiration?) in the last little bit has been Kate M - although I suppose our budgets and lifestyles are completely different! I am a little happy that she is on the scene and a bit older than me, because she will serve as a good inspiration for years to come :)

I just posted a pic of my last 12 purchases to see if there are any patterns in what I like. I have been trying to find things that are less patterned and easier to mix and match. 

It also look like that I have really boring (neutral) colour tones, and I like my pumps! HAHA. 

I suppose I am asking permission to go ahead with this style direction change, and that it will work for me - more simple and less pattern, although I think quirky patterns will always have a place in my heart (the bears shirt is a love).

Do I still fit my fashion qualifiers? :p 

Thanks for your help! :D


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BBQ?? A pretty dress in pink! On sale!

Is this a case of sale goggles?!!!


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WiW: Doc's Day Off!

Whee! Time to go shopping and suss out some sizes! Not much left in my size :(


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NAS// Quality Q - Eliza J?

This is not a brand I am very familiar with, however, I would like to find some solid coloured wrap dresses, and these are fairly cute (and my size!) 

Has anyone seen them? http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/el.....origin=cat

I have had bad luck w/ wrap dresses in the past pilling like no tomorrow!


WiW: And Just A Pop of Tulle

And I trimmed back the poof and made the underlayer more trim and hacked off a bunch of extra fabric. Definitely had to take a deep breath and just go for it! My sister thinks it made a big difference!

I think I love this skirt!!!

I am less happy with the top part of this outfit though. It looks too conservative??! I am unsure why. Maybe the colours remind me of ice cream?? Suggestions?? :)

Blazer: RW&CO
Top & Pumps: Le Chateau
Skirt, Belt, Bracelet, Earrings: Anthropologie
Watch: Fossil


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