WiW: Old Bright Favorites on a Grey Day!

Man, after a week of double digit temps, we're back to snow and sleet and general yuckiness outside! :( It is supposed to snow more tomorrow - I guess it's a good thing I didn't wash my car? It's quite filthy, though, so I probably need to take it to the car spa in a very bad way!

I enjoy this pink twill dress very much - I have a similar one in navy too; and wish they made it in more colours! Gah, oh well!

And a pug enjoying their tunes this morning! - #4.

PS: The washing system ate these tights, but they are my only dark purple ones, so we'll see what happens - haha; maybe I need to go tights shopping!

- Pleather jacket: Rickis
- Pink twill dress: Dorothy Perkins
- Floofy scarf: Smart Set
- Purple tights: Smart Set
- Necklace: Le Chateau
- Boots (where are they?): Flurries

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So, I really want a NEON pink messenger - Help me pick?

So, I saw a lady with an awesome kick-ass neon pink messenger bag! Not only is it super awesome, but I think it will be super fun for a summer bag!

(Alternatively, if it's really retarded, please talk me out of it).

Bag 1 - $30: Pic #1 to #3

Bag 2 - $50: Pic #4 to 6

:) Which one should I get? I'm not too concerned with durability and things like that, I plan only to use it for one season. I do have a favorite, but I'll keep mum on it for now, as to not cloud your judgements. :)

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WiW: Casual! Pants! All the craziness of a day off!

Ahh! Long awaited day off! Look! A tshirt! And jeans! And no tights!

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WiW: Metal mixing and a new debut!

Welcome to a new hardworking member of the family! My new rose gold watch from Fossil!

 And little did I know our dear Angie was going to write about mixing metals today! It was actually an accident today, because I usually wear my stainless steel watch!

 I love having a different watch to change around! It is simply fabulous and I am looking at a white mother of pearl and gold one :)

 Hope you are all well!

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WiW: Kitty Attack!!

This dress was so well made I had to bring it home with me last year, despite the kitty theme! I have no patients today, so I thought I would take the chance to do something more whimsical and fun! Any ideas on how to make kitty dress hang more straight? I just feel its more wrinkly than my usual style, but hopefully the rougher edge can contrast with the underskirt with lace! I have a lot of fun and happiness with kitty dress, so it stays with me even though I don't wear it to clinic (very sad).

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? Black or White

I have both on order, just to see which one would work better for me, but reviewing Angie's beautiful photos today made me want a white jacket very terribly much!

In terms of white toppers, I also have my eye on the blazer in #4 and I currently own #5. I do realize that they are all different colours, however - with #1 being an "ivory" and #4 being a "pure white" and #5 being more of the ivory tone with more yellow to it :) #3 is another one that I have on order, which is more off-white and veering into the yellow-browns (although they describe it as a white-tone, HAHA).

So, YLF, what do you think? #1 or #2? 

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WiW: Pink workhorse for spring!

Good morning! Off to do a day of public health and I brought my favorite pink blazer out to play again! It was definitely a on the lam purchase that has since paid off in CPW! And of course, it jams nicely with Ms. Taylor Swift's dress. Lol! Nothing too exciting here, but the ponytail is getting a bit long (#3 gives you a bit of an idea!) Cheers! Lyn

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WIWx3 in Sketches - ... hair grows fast!

LOL, the less potty-mouthed edition! :) 

:| I didn't realize how fast my hair grew. It's actually a little longer than shoulder length right now, but it hasn't been cut since grad (May 2012), so it is definitely bushy. Do you know hard it is to book a hair appointment when all you do is work? Luckily, you can't really tell if I spin it up into a bun or a ponytail! :) Also, not very many split ends because I have nice shampoo.

I have also used some more of my extra funding on getting a few things that hopefully will fill some wardrobe gaps for me - a long cotton skirt (#4) - and tops with sleeves of some sort (#5 and #6). 

There are a few other things I am considering, but am a bit worried about the colouring in #7 and #8, and am not sure about #9 - no sleeves :p 

I have been fooling around with Stylebook a lot, trying to find a good balance between what I have and what I want - but I can't really find what I want either.

I can't put a finger on what element my closet is really missing. I think it's more the holes in my life that need filling, rather than my closet. Just feel lonely these days.


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A silly WIW ... an update, and a new book!

Dear YLF,

Sorry for being sparse, but my SYB continues and I have been doing okay, including picking up two extra shifts and have been teaching the med students to stretch my SYB a little bit! One of the things I picked up on a whim was this doodle/sketch book called "What I Wore Today" in which you are encouraged to draw your outfits for an entire year! This sounds quite daunting, although you only pick key outfits for a particular season - with that in mind, I just picked some of my favorites per clinical rotation.

#1 - Internal Medicine
#2 - Public Health

Some of my new picks I have been working for as a treat, and the rest of it into savings! I'm such a big girl now! LOL.

#3 - Slouchy boots which will hopefully take me into spring; I will miss my tall riding boots! Such a staple! Aldo; about $80.

#4 - I have been in love with the nautical trend and navy and Kate Spade-esque things lately, so I thought this would make a nice addition to my navy capsule! Closet UK; about $50 after discounts.

#5 - One of my coworkers had these and they looked simply fabulous! I used to never wear gold-toned earrings or accessories, but I like the way they look in the summer! Multiple shops; about $4.80 at Forever21.

#6 - I have a similar dress in a straight sheath (#7), but I really like the flare! Couldn't say no to a party/fancy dress that I could just throw on! BB Dakota; only $20 on clearance! 

PS: No luck so far in the dating world. Sigh.

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The Dating Capsule... Do I Need One? // UPDATE!

Dear YLF, I need your help on this one!

Do I really need a dating capsule? I usually just wear my casual capsule clothes - or whatever I was wearing to work that day. I generally don't try to dress in a particular way to make anyone happy (besides myself).

The only instance I can think of what I normally wear being inappropriate is if we do something fancy (do I need fancy clothes?) - or something super casual (I have mucky clothes too!)

It feels weird to see what clothes I have are "dating appropriate" when I just usually try to be comfortable. Is this the wrong approach?

PS: I found this beautiful blazer. I day dream about it all the time about the wonderful adventures we will go on together!

Updated - Just throwing a few looks together with StyleBook to see what I can come up with what I have :)

#3, 4 and 5 I have actually worn already - casual lunches! And #6 was for when I had to pop back to the hospital to do a dictation afterwards (no patient care).

Side note - man, that clutch is getting a lot of use!

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