WIWx3 in Sketches - ... hair grows fast!

LOL, the less potty-mouthed edition! :) 

:| I didn't realize how fast my hair grew. It's actually a little longer than shoulder length right now, but it hasn't been cut since grad (May 2012), so it is definitely bushy. Do you know hard it is to book a hair appointment when all you do is work? Luckily, you can't really tell if I spin it up into a bun or a ponytail! :) Also, not very many split ends because I have nice shampoo.

I have also used some more of my extra funding on getting a few things that hopefully will fill some wardrobe gaps for me - a long cotton skirt (#4) - and tops with sleeves of some sort (#5 and #6). 

There are a few other things I am considering, but am a bit worried about the colouring in #7 and #8, and am not sure about #9 - no sleeves :p 

I have been fooling around with Stylebook a lot, trying to find a good balance between what I have and what I want - but I can't really find what I want either.

I can't put a finger on what element my closet is really missing. I think it's more the holes in my life that need filling, rather than my closet. Just feel lonely these days.

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  • Jyoti replied 5 years ago
    Your drawings are so cute!  It makes me want to finish up my own outfit drawings (which I of course will not do because I'm lazy).  I like the dresses the best from your maybes, although I feel like you have a lot of monochrome already (but I don't recall what you still have and whats gone, so there's that).  Also #8 looks like the dress in #2. xD

    I kinda know what you mean with the closet stuff.  I spent a total of $13 this month so far which is UNHEARD OF for me.  I'm just feeling so blah with the shopping and with life right now. xD  I think our weather is totally exacerbating the blues right now-- I wish it would be sunny or something soon.  The consistent grey coldness is really depressing. :(
  • Suz replied 5 years ago
    Awww. Your last line made me tear up, Lyn. 

    You will find a partner and more friends soon. It is tough when you are working so hard. 

    I love your drawings and I really love the flirty skirt!! I hope you can get it. 

  • merwoman replied 5 years ago
    Hugs to you Lyn! You are such a delight, it just take a bit of time for everything to fall into place.
    Love your drawings - you are so talented and funny! What is it with the lemon poppyseed muffin - every time I line up at Tims someone is grabbing one...note to self - try this muffin!
    Like your choices - but think you are right that 8 might not work the best for you colour wise.  7 would look good on you and I think you can totally rock 9 - awesome colour and shape for you.
  • Karie replied 5 years ago
    I'm sorry to hear you are lonely - I'm sending hugs your way! Hopefully work will ease up and not be so busy. The skirt in #4 is so pretty, and I also like the dress in #8. Your sketches are so cute!
  • bj1111 replied 5 years ago
    oh lyn...it's the nature of the business with working long hours and meeting other equally tired residents.

    many many hugs.
  • annagybe replied 5 years ago
    Just remember residency is not a life sentence.
  • replied 5 years ago
    Oh I remember Tim Horton's from a few summers I spent in the Maritimes. :) Yum. 

    Big hugs Lyn. How is it that you can be so creative and funny even in your loneliness? I just love your sketches. 

    You're items look great, especially #4. 
  • deb replied 5 years ago
    I love your drawings! You are very good!
  • Freckles replied 5 years ago
    I'm sorry that all work and no play make lyn feel a bit blah.  Hopefully things will ease up soonish.

    Love the flirty skirt and those tops with sleeves are adorable.

    I think that trying the two dresses you are wondering about would be what you would have done but perhaps no time and eyes that are actually open when you have a moment to do so.  You know yourself really well lyn so maybe you can take a fresh look at them once you've gotten some sleep and sunshine.  If the sleeveless blouse is giving you pause leave it.  It would look divine on you but only if you wear it and since sleeves are on the radar leave it be.
  • Freckles replied 5 years ago
    I forgot to add that your life sketches are totally awesome.  Great big smiles here.
  • lyn* replied 5 years ago
    Thanks ladies for your kind thoughts!

    @Jyoti - I was thinking of purging the dress in #2 on multiple occasions because silly Taylor Swift has the same one. Then I realized she has a lot of my dresses! HAHA - I'd run around stark naked if I had to avoid everything that Tay-tay had :p Oh well!!! Good on you for saving up your money for something special - there are a lot of needs that all of a sudden crop up when you're a resident, so I'm sure you'll find many fabulous and wonderful things in a few months!

    @ Suz - The very last flirty skirt is on its way to me right now! I decided to place the order anyway, because a long cottony skirt is something I will get a lot of use out of this summer. You don't need to feel sad for me - I have a lot of good friends who are also residents, even though we can't hang out a lot due to work issues - and well, a partner will happen if it's meant to be, I guess.

    @ Merwoman - you totally NEED to  get one of those muffins. I buy them in boxes of six because my sister gobbles them up like no tomorrow!!! If I brought home only one, I would never get to eat any!

    @ Karie - I think it's going to get better :) The next two blocks look a little lighter, although there are the days of 10 continuous night calls coming up. I am going to die.

    @ Bj1111 - But other residents have partners :( And they're very tired. Sometimes seeing their engagement rings makes me more sad.

    @ Anna - unless you're a surgeon :D

    @ Claire - I think I become more creative when I'm on my own. No where else to funnel the juices! I love Tims! Maybe I will head out there for a little bit.

    @ Deb - Thanks! I just trace over the outline they have!

    @ Freckles - Unfortunately, there are no cute dress stores here! I buy almost all of my dresses from overseas or the USA; so trying things on isn't really an option, although I wish that it was! I will have to use my imagination :D
  • goldenpig replied 5 years ago
    Aw Lyn, I'm sorry you're feeling lonely. It's extra hard when you have to work so hard. You never know, someday when you least expect it you could find someone and hopefully it will be worth the wait. My sister was a single mom for the longest time (her daughter is almost 12) and just got married last year. Hope you get more time to rest and hang out with friends!

    I love your drawings, they are hilarious and so true. You're so talented. And I know what you mean about being to busy for your hair. I only get around to cutting it a couple times a year but I should go more often.

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