Dream Analysis & Fashion - For Fun!

I rarely dream as a consequence of the way I sleep and my OCPD tendencies, but lately, I've been having a lot of dreams about clothes!

Most recently, I had a dream about my father stating how different my taste in clothes has evolved. Longer hemlines and lower pumps. And he was saying they made me walk differently - but that's expected because I'm a professional and I am growing up and he's very proud of me.

It's a strange dream to have - my dad doesn't care diddly squat about what I wear, and I'm pretty sure that he doesn't know a high pump from a low pump (or really what a pump is). And he's definitely not going to tell me he's proud of me (he's asian, come on) - although I know that he is.

But I got fabulous new pumps I am very excited to wear. Maybe that's where it is from.

Do you have dreams about fashion? What is your subconscious trying to tell you??

  • Dotty Pump: Le Chateau
  • Green Pointy Pump: Corso Como

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My Fashion Faux Pas (aka, My DIY Mishap)

Remember my Baker Street Coat? (http://www.modcloth.com/shop/c.....style-coat) - We had commented earlier on YLF that it would look more like the Sherlock coat with the red buttonhole! 

That seemed like a really easy DIY, so I sat down with an episode of Downton Abbey (Season IV) and did the project. It only took about 10 minutes and looked pretty darn snazzy.

I was really excited to wear the jacket, but was approached by a stranger on the subway who asked me when I was in France. Uh, never been to France? 

An education occurred - Sherlock's red button hole is a sign of a high honour in France, usually for service to the people. 

Absolutely. Mortified. 

At least it was an easy fix - and I love my jacket again - but it reminds me that fashion has other consequences too! And just because something looks good doesn't mean that I can wear it! 


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Speaking up for yourself ...

I find this really hard, as a junior amongst my colleagues with tons more experience than I do - but I didn't say anything about my work schedule. I just worked about 125 hours in the last 7 days (1:2 call x4, for us overnight folks) and I am completely exhausted.

I can hardly figure out how to do anything that I usually do that requires memory - like open a combination lock, or park my car into the garage.

I don't feel safe taking care of patients when I am this tired. I have never had to call in sick for being "too tired" - but I am having a lot of trouble sleeping, because my sleep schedule is totally out of whack.

I feel guilty for calling in "sick" - I am very nauseated even sitting up in bed. I don't know how people do this for a living.

I apologize for the lack of posts in the last little bit, but even my interest in looking up cool things to add to my closet has seriously slacked - luckily I planned to get little treats throughout this period for myself.

I have attached a pic of myself getting a post-call coffee with a friend though! Like my big winter jacket? It was kind of chilly (-14 to 20) these last few days!

Miss you all!


Frustrations About Pants

I think I've realized why I don't like pants (again) - I've tried on about 50-75 pairs of dress pants in different stores; various cuts, sizes (00 to 8) and materials.

In general, they all have something wrong with them.

1. The dreaded crotch clumping
2. Too tight in the thighs
3. Material too itchy
4. Material too shiny
5. Pockets too pokey
6. Wrinkling over thighs
7. Wrinkling on side of thighs
8. Crotch clump when sitting
9. Wrinkling on thighs when sitting
10. Too short
11. Too long - if this was the ONLY problem, then I can get them hemmed, but it's not

That's it. No pants.

I don't know how you ladies do it.