WiW: Something's Fishy Around Here!!! (Update!)

:) Fishy dress is coming out to play! Doesn't it look better all ironed? 

I love the little almost non existent sleeves, but I went with a cardi topper anyway. It wasn't playing well with my blazers this morning. 

Back shot when I get home :)

UPDATE! - Well, the fishy dress got a LOT of compliments today; but I felt it was a little short when I sat down, and I got down on the floor to play with a baby today, so that was a little uncomfortable :p BUT it was a fantastic dress to run into Boy Who Didn't Call #3 (haha) ... and (TMI so stop reading now if you're easily squeamish) I haven't had a period in 8 years and today when I'm wearing white it decided to start up again. WTF.


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Presenting The Spring/Summer 2013 Wardrobe! :)

I was inspired by Mo's post to dig through my StyleBook and put together all the things that I have been wearing and will plan to be wearing for the upcoming Summer season ... and I have found a few interesting holes!

Blazers - 4
Jackets - 1
Tops - 10 
Skirts - 13
Dresses - 12
Pumps - 4
Flats - 2

I didn't include things that are in the Holding Zone - or things that I haven't worn yet this season. 

Wardrobe Holes (To Buy)
1. Sandals. Why don't have I sandals?
2. Tops with Colour +/- sleeves.
3. Pumps with Colour!
4. Button up top? Maybe? LE GASP. BUTTONS.
5. Well fitting black blazer!

Not Really Holes
1. I always think I don't have enough tops; although this isn't the case.
2. Not very many chances to wear necklaces due to work :( *le sigh*
3. My skirt needs will be fulfilled once a few of these items work their way through the postal system to me :) I also have a few swap outs that are planned - once the replacement comes, the original item will retire.

Are there any other glaring holes or fun things I should try to invest in finding?


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K/R as picked by YLF: Fishy Dress!

Ironing much needed!!

My own thoughts// It's very well constructed and the belt is very fun! My sister really likes it - and I think ironed out, it would be very pretty as a different type of dress to add to my collection. I don't think it gives me a belly pooch. :p

And, I added a pic of the fishies close up - the dress is in the wash currently, as it is used, but when I can get it all ironed up and wearable, I'll get a back view for you too :)

ETA: And it was on TV, apparently! Whee!


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How to style ... Big Shot Dot Dress//J. Crew

So, I was lucky enough to snag a "nearly perfect" Big Shot Dot Dress (#1) from J. Crew last year, but unfortunately, it has never been out of my closet! GASP! I am not interested in passing on this beautiful dress, but I haven't really been able to wear it out yet, for whatever reason! It's a beautiful heavy cotton, and is lined :)

I have found that whenever I wanted a dotty dress, I have been reaching for my Scattered Dot Dress from J. Crew as well (#2) - it is more of a silk fabrication. For the last three weeks, I have been wearing it in the same outfit - with a black blazer and nude or black pumps.

I have found a blogger with the Big Shot Dot wearing it with brownish pumps (#3) - and I think my go to look was inspired by Kate (#4).

Does anyone have any styling suggestions for Big Dotty? I feel that it's just SO versatile I have NO idea what I'm doing with it! Is that crazy?!!! :D I'd love any suggestions you guys have!


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Am I going crazy? Or are these very similar (same?) dresses?

For your consideration - obviously; the colour is different, but the length, material, and the washing instructions are the same.

1/2 - blue; Anthropologie's Vinca Minor Dress ($178)
3/4 - red; Forever 21 Love's Contrast Lace A-Line Dress ($34)


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Quality Rant... no more eShakti for me. Ever. Remind me.

So I set about to iron some of my skirts that came, and my Anthro ones ironed all beautifully and with little effort and I loved the way that they were so polished ...

... but when I went to iron my eShakti skirts, the cotton warped and pulled, and it was very obvious that the hemline was uneven; also the white cotton turned a mottled yellow patchy colour. I suppose one of the chemicals in it reacted with the heat of my iron? 

That's it! No more e-Shakti for me, and more Anthro for me! I will contact customer service to see what they can do, but if past experience is any indication, it will be nada-zero-zip. >:(


In happier news - one of my friends was shopping second hand and found this beautiful dress (1) ... in my size! Whee! <3 Love! :) From the internet research I can find on it, it's pretty old school Anthro. But that doesn't detract from it's supreme awesomeness! *squee*


One Top; Five Ways :)

I was going through my retrospectives this year as my R1 year is drawing to a close (we have about a month left) and trying to figure out how my style preferences have changed (for better or for worse - haha); I noticed that this top makes a guest appearance a few times, although I must admit I have not been very good about taking a pic every time I have worn it, and I don't take pics of repeat outfits.

The ruffle stripe top originally came from Smart Set's clearance rack and I liked the way the navy stripes were diagonal and not straight like all of the other tops, so I nabbed it in a medium without trying it on :p (This was pre-YLF) - I think I've had it for 3 to 4 years; and it's always been easy and fun to pair with things, although I think it's high time I get it tailored (I always think to myself that I need to do this!) 

It's funny how fast my hair grew, eh? And look, all of the skirts with this top have relatively been long! So I guess this top was ahead of its time? :)


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K/R: More Anthro!

The mailman came to the door with two more boxes from Anthro today - and for some reason, they pack one thing in each box (that's probably why they charge $20 for shipping!) but it works just fine for me - more fun of taking boxes apart! :)

For your consideration, there are two dresses :)

#1-4) The construction is not bad on this dress, although it's only lined in the top half, it would be super easy to wear a slip on the bottom, so this doesn't really bother me too much. The "origami fold" on the chest I thought would really bug me, but I kind of like it. I think that it's pretty easy to dress up or down, and the pattern is one that is forgettable enough :p

#5-9) This second dress is wonderfully soft; I am pretty sure it is almost more comfy than my jammies and I'd totally wear it on call. It is also very wrinkle-resistant, which is always good if I'm sitting for a long period of time. I am thinking it might more be a casual dress in the summer and I can always wear some tights with it in the winter and some boots - it's a bit short for my current summer, aesthetic though. And there are pockets!!! :) I think it makes me look a smidgin preggers in #5 - but who knows :p

What do you guys think?


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WiW: My First Anthro Skirt Came!!! :D ... UPDATE!

Yay! I think I know why this skirt was so wonderful, the material feels soft and smooth and the pattern is crisp and clean. There is a slight sheen to the fabric. 

I am seriously Anthro addicted now!!! Off to the tailor after work though (held with safety pins right now!)

I didn't have patients this afternoon; so I had a chance to dress the same outfit "down" this afternoon! :)


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BAH. Anthro sold out. :(

Remember my beautiful Anthro purchases that were on their way to me at mega clearance prices? I was SO happy when everything went through, I got my confirmation email, and I even got my shipping email!!

Then a day later ... BTW, yo, we're totally out of item A, B and C. We are oversold!!! GAH! It's not like I can go into my local Anthro and buy things - there is literally nothing left in my size, even if I want to buy it at full price. It makes me a little angry, that even though I have to pay very high shipping costs ($20+) that they still oversell... I guess it's better for their bottom line if they never have to ship up to the Cold Arctic North.


But I have decided to embark on a new project! I am carving out a new section of my wardrobe to be the skirt section - eventually, hopefully full of tops and skirts that can play well together! :) - Currently; I only have five skirts that are going in and out of rotation that have survived the cull, although hopefully some are on their way to me. I hope to have about 30 pieces in that section eventually... we'll see.

In the meantime, I have put my funds towards supporting a Canadian establishment during their Friends & Family event (Rickis) - and we'll see how things are like when they come :) 

It's gonna be my very first lace skirt (3) - and my very first shirt with shine (4) and my very first 3" pair of pumps! (5) - the pumps I got for a steal; $30 (regular $80) from Le Chateau. The sales lady swore she wore them to work, and they are comfy (and she stands all day!) There was a minor scuff that I fixed with a grey sharpie and a touch of clear nail polish :) Presto!

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