WiW One Year Ago // What has changed?

Thanks to the YLF blog, I can easily see what I was wearing one year ago, and see where my style has evolved. I was hoping to draw on the collective YLF wisdom to help answer the questions:

  1. What has changed for the better?
  2. What are the still relevant themes?
  3. Where am I heading?
I have an idea about the answers for these, and I definitely see some themes that still persist, but I'm interested to hear what you dear ladies have to say, especially since I rely so much on your guidance as it is!
  1. Changes for the better - I appreciate the longer hemlines, and also the more tailored toppers. I also like thicker belts these days, and defining more of a waist has been important. I think better quality also shines through for my more recent attire.
  2. I still see some common themes - fit and flare being predominant, as well are toppers, and interesting necklaces. The Kate Spade influence had already been starting. I also love belts, tights and boots. And pony-tails.
  3. I think more grown-up patterns are needed with the fit-and-flare. I like the idea of solid skirts and more patterned tops (3) but hopefully, I can get more creative than that. I also like more grown-up glasses... and leather belts. 
Thanks in advance :)

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  • annagybe replied 4 years ago

    I still remember when you took photos with a tripod and your DSLR. 

  • lyn* replied 4 years ago

    Tee hee, I have the tripod and the DSLR ... somewhere. I don't have a place to set it up that my sister won't be like WTF are you doing. I miss that part about living on my own. :(

  • rae replied 4 years ago

    I agree that everything has just gotten honed-in, refined, upgraded, and has matured. All great things! 

    I hear you about not having an alone space for photos... on days I don't post I'm usually afraid of a WTF from a neighbor or gardener. o_0

  • Sharon replied 4 years ago

    I see the common theme of feminine outfits. However I think they have become less girly and sweet and more fashion forward and quirky. I think you have a very defined, recognisable style that has become more mature.  You always look great.

  • rabbit replied 4 years ago

    I can't compare over time, but your fit and flare formula works well on you now, beautiful refined dresses!

    There is a question I've been curious about.  In the WIW I've seen in the last month or you are always wearing the same pair of boots.  Is this a travelling pair, or is this just a consistent item across outfits?   

  • Transcona Shannon replied 4 years ago

    There's a new maturity to your style but without losing the fun - if that makes sense. You still have a great formula with your dresses and toppers but the dresses have a little refinement to them. I love that you haven't lost your attraction to fun prints though :)

    I'm lucky with my photo spot - I take my pics in the morning while hubby is in the shower and DS isn't up yet. Total privacy!

  • torontogirl replied 4 years ago

    I love the consistency of your style, without ever looking repetitive or boring. You look great!

  • rachylou replied 4 years ago

    I really like the longer hemlines and wider belts. Same idea, but more powerful. I think solid skirts and patterned tops will be very interesting in your fit-and-flare framework.

    You make doing a blog sound very appealing. Would be nice to have such a catalog!

  • lyn* replied 4 years ago

    @ Rae - I got a WTF from some inner city patrol/police officers once when I tried to take pictures in the park in my DSLR days ... :p 

    @ Sharon - Thanks! I think that's what I'm trying to go for...

    @ Rabbit - These boots just have my orthotics in them. I'm just lazy and don't like moving them around too much. I have three pairs of boots - the grey ones, the brown ones and the roan ones.

    @ Shannon - I should make everyone sleep later... ;)

    @ Torontogirl - I've always worried about being repetitive and boring, thanks for the reassurance!

    @ Rachylou - What an interesting idea about power. I like power. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • Nicole D replied 4 years ago

    Deffo Kate Spade refinement with the girlish fun coming through.  

  • Day Vies replied 4 years ago

    Agreeing with Sharon. I am curious as to what you mean as far as more grown up prints. I love the prints you wear because they are quirky -- and seem to showcase a unique part of your personality. I never saw any of them as "juvenile".

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