WiW: And the doc is in the house! Again.

Lol. How hard it is to find a mirror in this place!!! Had to use the tiny staff bathroom with lovely wallpaper! No rest for the wicked this long weekend! Thought I would try a tonal pattern mix that was work appropriate and let you guys see how my white coat cramps my style sometimes (and my XL steeped tea!) You've all seen my horsie dress (Closet UK) before, so nothing too new here. Black cardigan (black tights!) for later on tonight, though! One of my patients asked me if I was pregnant. Ugh. Nope. Didn't think I have much belly, but who knows. Haha! Lemme know what you guys think! Cheers and only 17 more hours to go (8 down!!)

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WiW: Kate Spade Inspired!

Whee! My pink stripes have arrives! I thought they would be a coral tone, but they are quite bright! I really love the dress, it has a nice stretch to it and is very comfy cotton. A little wrinkly though! Last day of work before my conference though! Yay! What'd ya all think? Cheers, Lyn

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:) Conference Looks - 7 Outfits! Opinions?

I just mixed it all up on my iPad and packed my bags - so unless there are any major changes, this is what it's gonna be :) I can pack it all in my little travel on case, so that's definitely a bonus!

1. Conference Day #1
2. Conference Day #2
3. Conference Day #3
4. Resident's Evening
5. President's Gala
6. Travel outfit #1 and lunch out with friends
7. Travel outfit #2 and dinner out with friends

Man; there's so many more outfits I can make too, in case I get bored :p Tee hee. In case I spill on myself ;)


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Help! Colour?

Pick away!


What to wear to ... conferences?

Yay! It's time for my first conference as an MD! I have business cards all printed up (fancy) and my schedule is all highlighted and ready to go!

But what does one wear to a conference? There is one "fancy" event - a gala, on one night, and there is also a resident's event on the other evening (which is going to be kinda funny because there is only one training program and we know each other!) - I have my "fancy" event planned out.

I'm more concerned about the rest of the events. I am not doing any presentations, but I could be meeting potential supervisors and/or employers and/or colleagues.

Business casual? My usual workwear? No jeans except for going out for dinner with friends?

Thanks, wise ones :D

PS: I will also introduce my new watch! :) - Totally love it!


PSA: Kate Spade Inspired ... for under $40!

I came across these pretty dresses from Forever21's "Love" line - I love their bold print! I will probably try the red/orange one!

They are a tad short, weighing in at 33" for a small size, but I think their flare shape makes it a bit more okay - and they didn't look that short on me. Cottony with 3% spandex!

Leave no retail stone unturned, as per Angie! :)

I also picked up the cutest hair clips ever (#3) and cuff bracelet (#4) - ah, such a fun place! And I wanted to experiment with colours I never wear; so I picked up a dotty number in yellow (#5) - we'll see if I can make it work! What a challenge!


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WiW: Finally got one of those J. Crew bubble necklaces! *Splurge!*

I finally took the plunge and got a semi-expensive addition to my wardrobe - one of those J. Crew bubble necklaces! I got one pre-owned, but I've wanted one for about a year, and finally decided to get one! Unfortunately, I think it is a knock off (perils of online shopping) - but oh well; you know how these things are!

I went with a pattern-mix too! :) I hope this outfit look okay - went with my Fossil boots for today! New crew I'm working with today, so I thought I'd step it up a little bit!

Hope everything looks okay!


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Need YOUR votes for March dress! :)

I am trying to limit my dress purchases (haha) to only one a month, and I have a few nominees for Dress of March; 1 and 2!

To remind you; these are the dresses we have previously elected to keep!
Jan - 3
Feb - 4
Call Bonus - 5

If finances clouds your judgement; #1 is on sale while #2 isn't. I am unable to try either of them on, and all the stores closest to me are sold out of both styles - I will have to get them online, and the return policy is not kind (let's just say they're final sale). I am pretty confident they will fit as I have many things in this line of clothing. I like #1 for a change in colour, as well as the sleeves. #2 is dots! :)

Lemme know which one you think I should go for this month - 1 or 2! :)

ETA: And I found a "Cropped Denim Jacket" - $23 (on clearance with additional % off). Worth the try? #6 and 7.


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Take a Risk? ... Denim jacket for Spring!

I am hoping to get an edgy denim jacket that is cropped and will work nicely with my fit and flare dresses and skirts - I found this jacket on Modcloth... it's a moto too!

Is this too edgy for me?


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PSA: Additional 25% off on Ricki's Clearance!

I picked up an Angie-Winter-White jacket! I hope they will have enough stock to fulfill my order, but I got my confirmation email! We'll see how it goes!

$29.99 + additional 25% off + $10 off gift card = ;) Worth it if it gets dirty!