WiW: Flamingos aren't blue!

Are they fluorescent pink? ;)

Good morning! I usually don't buy many white things because I am kind of klutzy and well, stains happen! This off white dress has been out to play x4 in the last month though, so I guess I am doing something right? Super easy neutral to pair up!!

Half day at work! Yay, only eight hours!



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WIW ... and (unofficially) voted best dressed resident on rotation! :D

Sorry for being stodgy lately, but I've finally finished my stretch of crazy call - and I'm back to pruning my closet in preparation for the upcoming spring and summer (am totally excited to bring new favorites back into circulation!)

Some of the very nice nurses on my unit today surprised me and said that they had voted me best dressed resident on my rotation! Totally means a ton to me - but a bit silly, because the rest of them all wear green scrubs all day! HAHA. I guess I look better than someone in scrubs? :p

And I've attached a pic of everyone's favorite outfit - :P The yellow cardigan, apparently cinched the deal!

Thanks YLF for helping me find my style! :) Now I can't wait to see it change... HAHA.

1// ... the Zara jacket
2// ... I decided on the Fossil boots
3/4// ... What boots to wear?
5// ... everyone's fav outfit!


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Help!// Do I need a new style descriptor?

In between all my crazy work days, I've managed to keep up with my shopping and have noticed a shift in my personal style! Look at all the separates - I'm having great fun mixing and matching things; and these are my 15 planned purchases for Spring aside from footwear :)

Does anyone see any common themes or words I can use for a style descriptor? :)

PS: No pants is more of a mantra than a descriptor! LOL.


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Speaking up for yourself ...

I find this really hard, as a junior amongst my colleagues with tons more experience than I do - but I didn't say anything about my work schedule. I just worked about 125 hours in the last 7 days (1:2 call x4, for us overnight folks) and I am completely exhausted.

I can hardly figure out how to do anything that I usually do that requires memory - like open a combination lock, or park my car into the garage.

I don't feel safe taking care of patients when I am this tired. I have never had to call in sick for being "too tired" - but I am having a lot of trouble sleeping, because my sleep schedule is totally out of whack.

I feel guilty for calling in "sick" - I am very nauseated even sitting up in bed. I don't know how people do this for a living.

I apologize for the lack of posts in the last little bit, but even my interest in looking up cool things to add to my closet has seriously slacked - luckily I planned to get little treats throughout this period for myself.

I have attached a pic of myself getting a post-call coffee with a friend though! Like my big winter jacket? It was kind of chilly (-14 to 20) these last few days!

Miss you all!


WiW: Tailored Twirl!

Another 30 hour shift! Kept it nice and simple for wearing under a white coat!

This skirt is one I found in the donation bin and of course, my favorite dotty shirt is out to play (would you believe it is sold out in stores and online without going on sale even once?)

The skirt style is actually called "Tailored Flirty" - haha!!!!!



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Custom Trench - Help Me Pick My Details! :)

So... I'm totally smitten with the chance to make my own trench coat! I've had great deal of difficulty finding a navy coat AND of a below-the-knee length for myself!

I've often played around with the Burberry Bespoke, but it was never a possibility for me.

I have a design sort of picked out (#1 to 5); but if any of the details look off, please let me know! Also, any preference on a thread colour? (#6 to #10) - I won't let you know my favourite just in case ;)

ETA: Tell me I'm crazy to spend $400 on a trench coat.


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Opening an Unintentional Time Capsule - Unpacked Boxes from July

Oh dear! I cleaned up my storage bin and found out that there were a few bins marked "WINTER CLOTHES" that I hadn't unpacked yet! I was delighted to find my long-lost boots, and a bunch of clothes that I thought I had donated but was SO glad that I didn't!

"DO NOT THROW OUT. GOOD CLOTHES." I thought that this box would have the best goodies in it, because I had labelled it as 'good stuff' - but man, what was I thinking?! This stuff is totally not my style anymore - the skirts are way too short and way too twirly (and coming from me, they are VERY twirly). Some of the stuff was ridiculously finicky to put on, and looked terrible once on. This box is all donations. And there are yucky pants in this box. Seriously yucky pants.

"FOR DONATION." Somehow, this box came with me too, so I decided to root through it. Would you believe this box had THE BEST stuff? Tailored pencil skirts, for the win! Tailored A-line skirts. Yay! I can't believe this was so NOT my style only 6 months ago, and right now it totally is!!! Good thing my mom doesn't believe in donation and sent this box along.

Out of two large rubbermaid containers, I have retrieved:
1) Tailored A-line skirt - black
2) Tailored Flare skirt - black
3) Tailored Flare skirt - grey
4) Floral pencil skirt - will try to work this into the summer stuff
5) Fossil leather boots - black
6) Brown leather booties - Forever21
7) Brown leather booties - Aldo
8) Tailored sheath dress - Suzy Shier
9) Tailored sheath dress - Suzy Shier (needs cleaning. REALLY BAD.)
10) Tuxedo blazer - Rickis

Not bad for sorting out some boxes, eh?


Not my usual cup of tea ... worth a try?

I saw this navy (my new favorite neutral) dress on the RW&Co website, and haven't had a chance to pop down to the store to try it out. I have stopped shopping here for awhile, due to quality and sizing issues - but I think I might give it a go again!

I am eyeballing this navy shirt dress - but it's not really a style I really go for; should I give it a whirl? It sort of has the elements I love - a flowy skirt, a fitted waist - and sleeves will be a bonus for when I can't wear my cardigans all over the place in the warmer weather!

;) I don't think I'll wear it to recline on white sofas though!


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PSA - Ricki's 40% off New Stuff :D ... Saturday Only!

IN STORE: For their "Friends and Family" - aka anyone who walks in the store and obtains the coupon their sales people are handing out. The rules say you can only get one thing at 40% off, so I'd make a few trips (or order a few times online)

ONLINE: Time to double dip with their $2 shipping and use up any of the free shipping coupons you may be hoarding (or that's just me). Also; 40% off new jewelry (if you buy more than 40%) if you need to make the minimum shipping cutoff! And buy one get one on all of their tights!

No code online; they just 40% off the most expensive thing in your cart!

PS: Almost all sizes are sold out online in my dotty top :(
PPS: They won't do a price adjustment on something you've previously bought
PPPS: I included a few pieces I may "invest" in :)

ETA: I love #5 but don't think I can pull off green so close to my face. Worth a try??


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WiW: Flamingos in Blue

Woo! No patient day, so I could go a little bit on the crazy side with one of my favourite dresses! And of course, adhere to Sona's challenge!!

I thought the red was a nice pop of colour to keep it a nice nautical navy white and red, but I also could not find my neon pink belt this morning! Gah!


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