New Frock Love .... and Styling Suggestions?

This was originally going to be a K&R, but this dress is so comfortable and flattering (and makes me feel like Kate Middleton minus belly bump) that I'm totally going to keep it. And a steal at under $50! I am in love with this brand too - Darling UK - and I've stalked forever until there was a sale :(

Plain dress - 2
Dress w/ Cardigan - 1, 3
Dress as a top! - 4, 5

Now; the problem comes with this other dress (6, 7). It's texture is a heavy suede and it's quite pretty in terms of its cut and colouring, but I don't think it's quite my style? Or at least it seems quite plain right now without anything exciting happening to it - It came with a busted zipper; so I was going to return it, but the online company decided to give me a refund when I sent them the pic of the broken zip (8, YAY GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!) So; I hope to fix it and put it in rotation if I had any styling tips.

Any helpful ideas? :)

ETA: Sorry about my blurry pics today, it was cold outside and I think my hand is still shaking. :p


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Just For Fun! My 20 Piece Capsule! :)

I just took a look at my favorite 20 mix/match pieces from my wardrobe and was wondering how many outfits I could make from 20 pieces! I think there are technically more outfits that I could jazz up from these, but in 15 minutes, these were the ones I came up with!

1) Cardi + Top + Bottom = 6x3x4 = 72 possible outfits (stripes and swans not included in image)

2) Blazer + Top + Bottom = 3x4x4 = 48 possible outfits

3) Turtle + Dress = 1x3 = 3 possible outfits

4) Topper + Dress = 8x4 = 32 possible outfits (cobalt blazer, yellow and black cardigan not included in image)

Total = 151 outfits without a repeat! O_o; that's crazy!

Is this how I'm supposed to use a "capsule" concept? Of course there are bound to be a few combinations that in real life don't work out - or some additional ones (ie: turtle neck under vs. over a dress to make it a skirt).

ETA: There are definitely some interesting ones that I can't wait to try - yellow cardigan + black dotty top + purple skirt = can't wait!!!!


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WiW & K/R? Oxblood Cambridge Bicycle Satchel

I have long lusted after one of these beauties and when the chance came up to get one on sale (and on store credit!!) I definitely leapt for my favourite of the colours that wasn't the ubiquitous red.

What do you ladies think of the colour and the bag? I will mostly carry it in one shoulder, but I enclosed a cross body pic as well.

Also,just a quick run down the block to fetch the new Downton Abbey DVDs. Nothing too exciting today; but my cobalt skinnies got to come out to play (briefly in -40)!


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PSA: Rickis clearance on additional 25% off with free shipping!

And they have a new restock of merchandise online!!! :D WHEE.

Free shipping with code: RICKISFREE
Birthday code is invalid for this sale.

I got more pants. Tee hee.

ETA: UGH. Burgundy sold out while I was typing this :(


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10 Most Recent Purchases ... is this part of growing up? :)

Today I was wondering if I was getting more boring with my clothing choices, but I feel more of the 'happiness factor' Angie talked about a few days ago when I wear or imagine wearing my new goodies!

I am trying to take a better look at my spending habits this year; and I thought I'd take a look at these 10 things to see if I can discern any patterns. In addition to generally being happier, I am spending about the same amount of money on less things - and I often imagine new ways to wear my favorite things instead of thinking about ways to replace things once I've gotten them! :p

1) Less weird patterns - the only real patterned thing that is weird is #2 with the flamingos - but even that is in a more subtle colour (white/navy).

2) More mixability in pieces - #7 and #8 have proved to me that they are easy to mix already, and #4 is just super fun to wear with any of my tops. #1 hasn't arrived yet so I cannot fully attest to its mix ability, but I thought it was quite cute ... :p #10 just totally jazzes up my casual wardrobe (as small as it is). Also; easy to pattern mix most of these patterns!

3) More expensive pieces - #5 is my first Eva Franco, but I've had my eye on it for forever since Quinn on Glee wore it! Also; I hear good things about Darling UK, so I bit the bullet for #3. Grabbed them then both on clearance ($70 for #5 and $40 for #3).

4) More regular price things - I never buy things at regular price if you had asked me 3 years ago. I would LOL at people who buy regular price. Now, I realize I miss out the WHOLE SEASON when I could just buy one or two things and then wear them all the time! #1, #7, #8 are all regular price.

5) Less 'exciting' colours - and no pastels. I went on a pastel kick in early university and EVERYTHING was light pink. BLEH. I like coral or peach, but that's about it for pastels for me. Cobalt is pretty exciting, though :)

**Disclaimer: #1, 2, 3, and 5 are still at the post office and I need to liberate them with their stupid fees. GAH.

Do any of you ladies see any other patterns I can use (for good or for evil) so I can make wiser purchase decisions in the future?


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WIW - Workin' the New Top .. and bonus: Blue/White/Black! :)

Short clinical day today, so I had time to do some things for myself (very exciting = oil change) this afternoon, so I popped home to change and snap an extra photo today! My first outfit is just my to-work usual; but my second was inspired my Angie's article in the main blog today - these are the darkest pants I have that are not a true black, but I think the look still holds!

Also; I've been having trouble with my clothes this morning - it took me awhile to find what I wanted to find in my closet! And I've been noticing that I'm consistently looking for very particular things - so I decided to hang my most frequently used 10 dresses/10 tops/10 skirts and 5 blazers on my rack! Pretty ... thought I'd share :D

I love suggestions :) *nodnodnod*


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Button-Shirts! ... Are non-whites just as versatile?

I tried on a cute Melot button-up shirt today in a chiffon-y- material, and was quite delighted to find it online as well! There wasn't the white shirt in store to try on, but since one of my goals this year is to finally find a white button-down that works, I think I might order it.

Since I am paying shipping, I thought I'd ask your opinion as well - do you think I should get the merlot as well? It's definitely not white!

ETA: Price is not an issue.


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Fitting Room Help #2

I quite like this top so it is probably coming home with me; seems pretty versatile!!!

A second look at the jacket (so comfy) and the blazer.

And cobalt jeans!!


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Fitting Room Help!!

Buy or Keep Looking?


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WiW: Itchy Skirt Swap Out!

We can all use a red pencil skirt, right?

I used to love the flare metallic tulle skirt but man was it itchy! All the way to clinic and all the way back it just poked and itched and yes, in the donate bin now. If it looks fab I may try taking out the liner (there are two layers) but is it fab enough for surgery?

Luckily found a cute pencil skirt for the swap and got a pic on my run home! ETA it was marked down to 7.99 from 45.99 with additional 50% off. One left in my size! Made for each other!!!

:) excuse my pink cat name tag!


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