Seven Outfits in 15 Minutes

Just getting ready for the rest of this week and the upcoming week, I realized that it is getting a lot faster for me to put together outfits! I just threw everything I wanted to wear on the bed and put these seven outfits together in about fifteen minutes!

I hope quality is not compromised for by speed though! I realize that there are lots of variations to a theme and different earrings or choice of belt could totally change even these outfits!

I have been almost halving my morning get ready time, which has been very positive!

Usually when I do make up outfits in advance, I never end up wearing them because after staring at them on the hanger for a week, I am pretty bored! I guess I need to hide them!


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Fantasy vs. Real Lifestyle - ? Style Direction

I was hoping YLF would be able to help me sort a few things out - I just feel that my style direction is changing again, and I'm a bit worried that I'm moving into a fantasy lifestyle sort of a direction. I do realize that my lifestyle is changing again with this stage of work which is more like my future state of work than anything has been before. I don't really do physical exams anymore, I don't really run codes - so those aspects of my work wardrobes are mostly mute. 

I think my biggest fashion inspiration (aspiration?) in the last little bit has been Kate M - although I suppose our budgets and lifestyles are completely different! I am a little happy that she is on the scene and a bit older than me, because she will serve as a good inspiration for years to come :)

I just posted a pic of my last 12 purchases to see if there are any patterns in what I like. I have been trying to find things that are less patterned and easier to mix and match. 

It also look like that I have really boring (neutral) colour tones, and I like my pumps! HAHA. 

I suppose I am asking permission to go ahead with this style direction change, and that it will work for me - more simple and less pattern, although I think quirky patterns will always have a place in my heart (the bears shirt is a love).

Do I still fit my fashion qualifiers? :p 

Thanks for your help! :D


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Take a Risk? ... Denim jacket for Spring!

I am hoping to get an edgy denim jacket that is cropped and will work nicely with my fit and flare dresses and skirts - I found this jacket on Modcloth... it's a moto too!

Is this too edgy for me?


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Q: Kate Spade is using a lot of white - should I be concerned?

I tried on a Kate Spade skirt today at lunch - despite the fact it was about 8 sizes too big for me and was like wearing a whale skin (hence no pics) - but I am truly in love with the brand. I am thinking of making an investment purchase, but I have noticed that a lot of the dresses and skirts they have (that I like) use white.

I am not particularly a dirty person, but I do take public transit. I usually wear a long coat over whatever I am wearing, so my clothes generally are not soiled too much. That being said, generally my clothes are not white. In fact, I have no white clothes.

Is white super easy to get dirty and will I be pulling my hair out because my dress/skirt will never look the same again? :(


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Random Thoughts on Hong Kong Style ... UPDATED!

Dear YLF Ladies,

Hello from sunny (and sweaty) Hong Kong! :) I have been here for about two weeks (hence my lack of YLF-ing until I could find an internet friendly computer) and I have made a few observations. I carefully read up on HK street style before I went and thought that I could get by with the things I normally wear; you know, a bit funky and a bit classic all mixed together with adjustments made for the heat.

Things that are really in:
- Booties and boots (even in +30 C weather!)
- Lace on EVERYTHING (including cell phone cases)
- An 'it' bag (LV seems to be a popular choice)
- A 'gear' bag (in the same outfit; Le SportSac is popular)
- Patterned tights (often with boots)
- Short skirts (on everyone; including ladies > 50 y.o.)
- Sweaters, cardigans, windbreakers (in +30!)

Things that are out:
- Bare shoulders. No sleeveless ANYTHING. Or else you look weird.

I don't think I took into account the parts of HK I would be going to. My family is from a diverse background; so there are days where I have to go to the wealthier parts of the city (where tourists usually go) and there are times where I go to the poorer districts. There is a huge contrast. I don't think I am appropriately dressing (no matter what I wear) for either of these places.

In the rich areas: people are commenting that my purse isn't really an "it" brand (I am carrying my cross-body Fossil; and they don't recognize Fossil as a brand around here); and people lament my short nails (still haven't grown out from work!) - also, the gel pads in my pumps have melted from the heat, so my feet are killing me - I don't fit the shoes here, so I am quite grumpy with sore feet :)

In the poorer areas: people clearly can tell I am not from their area because of the same things that separate me from the wealthy areas - no one carries a leather purse, or has a nice watch. It makes me feel a little weird; but I do speak the language, so no one has really tried to rip me off (yet) - also, my iPhone sticks out like a sore thumb. People around here use Android phones most commonly.

I miss the fall and my leather boots - although if I had brought them, my feet would be dying from sweat although I'd be super trendy! Also, young women love sticking their cellular phones and a thin wallet into their boots so they don't have to carry a purse/clutch. I find this bizzare.

Much love,