Starting From the Basics

I was reading Angie's top ten style tips and I thought I should go back and make sure that I was making a reasonable attempt and some if not all of them.

I had a professional bra fitting (what fun) and of course I was wearing the wrong size! By two cups and about 4 inches! Well, that explains a lot of the issues I had been having!

I thought about doing something about my hair too. I really dislike the center part, and my hair has always sprouted that way. I tried to mess with it a bit in above pics. Better?

And new glasses are on their way! I managed to find an eyeliner too: mascara is too out there and crazy for me I think!

There. I think that is enough change for one day!!


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PSA: ModCloth's 50% off Sale Just Started!

I didn't go crazy this year!!! I think I ordered something like 15 dresses last year! Yay! I took my time and hem and hawed over a lot of things to make sure they were PPP before they went into my cart :)

A lot of them I had been wanting for awhile, so that was nice ... but, shipping is going to be the bane of my existence. I broke my purchases down into 3 shipments to make duties hopefully a little easier. I'm pretty excited about the tops as I'm hoping to make myself wear more separates, and I've been wanting the sound wave dress for awhile (they call it a macaroon dress, but it looks like sound waves to me!) 

Some of my past purchases are now 50% off instead of the 30% that I got them for, so I'm a little grumpy about that ... but I guess I'll live with it, especially the ones that are now out of my size! 

Did anyone find any treasures? 

Also, don't forget eBates can give you 2% off if you go through their website.


WiW 6.30 - Back of the Closet Find!

This was one of the first "fancy" dresses I had bought for myself as a medical student. I've had it for about four years and wore it a lot last year with a blazer or as a top.

Any thoughts on it this year? First time I have worn it this year!

  • ETA - I think it needs a belt :p
  • Jean Jacket: Forever21
  • Dress: J. Crew
  • Flats: Born
  • Watch: Bulova
  • Pumps: Le Chateau (Pic 3)

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WiW 6.28 - Bears and Flares for Puttering About!

My soft bear shirt joined me for groceries! He even has a little shopping cart!

Love the skirt and it's pockets; but an attempt to make it more casual and more assessable to people around here. They don't really get midis yet!

  • T-shirt: Threadless
  • Skirt: Zara
  • Flats: Born
  • Wristlet: Coach

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Shopping @ Largest Mall in Canada!

My sister and I headed to the largest mall in Canada today to do some shopping! She wanted to hit up some of the summer sales and who am I to say  no? Besides, they often get the good stuff in that the other smaller malls don't! 

We got there super early to beat the crowds, and in true Canadian fashion, had our tea and pastries at Tim Hortons across the road. 

At Anthropologie, I had a few returns which resulted in a store credit. Apparently they have a "new store policy" in which returns cannot be paid in cash if I used PayPal. This must be fairly new as I have never had any problems with this before! But it's okay, the sales racks were out ... I found two new tops and a hoodie for cheap. The tops were of their "trapeze" style which I'm sure looks good on very few people, but the material was very nice (80% cotton with some stretch and other magic), so I bought them with intent to do a bit of a hack job. There was also a dress marked Size 12 in a black straight style with a hem to neck zipper, which I thought there was NO WAY this is a size 12, even though the tag on the dress and the paper tag told me they were. Well, whatever size 12 they were, it was more of a UK12, because it fit me nicely and I got it for a song (haha, couldn't find the link though for Finds!)

We have a newly renovated "lifestyle" H&M - which I suppose means that the store is now HUGE and they also have a "home" section. They have all the H&M stuff I found online that I couldn't find at my local shop! They had skirts of a reasonable length! And fabrication! AND POCKETS. POCKETS. I also picked up a bright magenta dress because I loved the colour, and it's definitely within my comfort zones for colour, but something I don't have in my wardrobe right now.

I did miss out on the matching top with the skirt, as shown in picture 1. The sales lady INSISTED that they had it in store, but despite having multiple people look for it, it doesn't exist. It sure doesn't exist at my local store either, so I may be out of luck for this :( Too bad we don't have online shopping in Canada!

For lunch, we had sushi and vietnamese spring rolls! And by the time the crowds had come, we were done our shopping and on the way home. :) 

It took me about 2 hrs to "Untrapeeze" the tops, but I think they're much more versatile now. About 30 minutes of that was trying to trouble shoot my sewing machine because it kept on "birds nest-ing" the bottom thread; had to completely take things apart and clean it up; and now it works fine. 

And that concludes the brilliant adventures of me and my sister. And my shopping budget for July is dead. HAHA.


Navy or Red? Poof on Poof!

I think this zippy top is starting to grow with fondness on me!

I am not too sure what to wear it with, though; I am just being fiddlydiddly in my closet!

Does the red look out of place because of the difference texture (smooth top vs. cottony skirt) as opposed to the navy skirt which is a similar material to the top?

Also, dark shoes for Anna :)


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K/R: Zara Nautical Top? ETA: Return!

I am leaning towards one way, but I thought I would put it up to a YLF vote.

Relatively well made and it's not itchy or anything like this :)

I think I like both skirts to keep though!


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WiW 6.25 - Batting for Team Wear!

It's a bit rainy tonight, hence the trench and my umbrella! Off to try a new place for "drinks" even though I don't drink... Maybe they have fancy soft drinks?

Tags are off! Thanks YLF!

  • Earrings, Pumps: Le Chateau
  • Trench Coat: Ricki's
  • Dress: Dorothy Perkins

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K/R: Blush Florals, Blogger Inspired!

A straight dress that doesn't make me look four months pregnant? Does that exist?

I ordered this dress before Amber picked it for her blog but I think we both love it!

I was hoping for your YLF help because I don't usually wear this colour and the length I am unsure of. It passes the sit and the run test!

ETA: Here's Amber's take (Pic #4) and a link to her blog page! Love her; she's so adorable... -


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K/R Zara Top; Peplum with Zippers!

This is not my usual style, but I thought it could be fun, maybe?

The zippers can be pulled down all the way to be less peplum-y!

  • Top: Zara
  • Skirt: Chicwish
  • Pumps: Naturalizer

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