Striped Dresses: Kate Spade vs. Zara vs. Eliza J

When I was down in California with my peeps this summer, I came upon a beautiful dress at the Kate Spade outlet (#5 at an outlet price of almost $300)!

At the time I had already purchased the Eliza J version (1/2) with a bright pink stripe (which I think is neon and fabulous!) but it does limit what I can wear with it. Not too many things go well with neon pink ... (mustard definitely doesn't, but grey and navy look lovely).

I am contemplating the Zara version of the dress (3/4), which is slightly longer than the Eliza J version (about 1.5") which is the same length as the Kate Spade. I definitely can make use of the slightly longer length.

Is it worth while to replicate the stripe dress if I already have the Eliza J version for additional versatility (not limited by neon pink?) - Also for consideration, my Eliza J has some pills and will probably be only good for another season or two.

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  • Alassë replied 4 years ago

    Sounds like a yes to me considering the likelihood of Eliza Jane's retirement.

  • Stuti replied 4 years ago

    Love 3/4. I have something similar and looks great. I vote yay

  • columbine replied 4 years ago

    Considering the factors you mentioned, I'd vote yes. 

  • Gigi replied 4 years ago

    I normally say nay to things like this, but here I say yay! I say it because the Zara dress is so similar to the Eliza, and I think maybe if you wait until the Eliza dies you won't be able to find such a good match. Also, stripes are in right now, but they might not be when the Eliza retires, also making it difficult to find a replacement if you wait.

  • Diana replied 4 years ago

    Yes! I actually like the cut of the Zara best of all three. It's the cleanest, really lets the stripes be the star.

  • replied 4 years ago

    I like the Zara one a lot! How long is it on you?

  • rute replied 4 years ago

    Yes! You can wear the zara one with cintron (because it does not have the pink hem).
    The Zara dress fits very nicely and I like the fabric.

  • JAileen replied 4 years ago

    I like the Zara. I love the Kate Spade in grey, but wow! It's kind of pricey. So overall, if the Zara is long enough you should definitely get it.

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