WiW: Post-Call Shopping (Always a Dangerous Sport)

I had a few returns to take back to Ricki's and of course, I was going to check out their new arrivals - I think I've realized why I hated Ricki's in the past! I used to just shop the sales rack and couldn't find anything I really liked!

Now, everything that I like is in new arrivals and my size has already sold out in my favorites (my cobalt blazer, my dotty top, my flower top, my v-cardigans) ... it's kind of nuts! :)

ETA - I tried on a teal top (#5) that I thought was cute; but I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to pay full price for it! You can see I brought the ol' dotty top out to play again!


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Fitting Room Help!

I should take these all with me?

Top (horses!) and black lace w/ cap sleeves. And the blue pencil skirt. The yellow belt is theirs. :p the grey belt is mine.


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WiW: Twirly Skirt!!!

Man, busy shift last night! Super tired this morning, so I will keep it short!

This twirly skirt is definitely winter weight and has a fleece lining! It is very warm and comfortable on chilly nights :)

It twirls so well. I might have done a few fast turns on purpose!

Now, to bed!



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But I thought I was supposed to stay away from them! :P Just when I get into the pencil scene, it seems like Twirly Skirts are back! And Fit and Flare is everywhere in stores!

I have noticed that those skirts are usually pretty short so far...

I have looked at my twirly skirt collection and I found some I didn't like so I stuck them into the style exchange if anyone is looking for a new Twirly Skirt!

PS: Some pics of some twirly skirts in the last two years :D


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PENDING: Effie's Heart Midi Full Skirt in Chainlink Print

I LOVE Effie's Heart - it's such a comfy and well-made brand, so I asked for this skirt as a gift! Unfortunately, it's a tad too big for me, and I was wondering if any one could give it a good home?

Brand: Effie's Heart
Model: Serenade Skirt
Colour: Chain link

Material: Cotton w/ Spandex (Machine Washable)

Size: Small

Original: $67 USD

Cost: Free to Good Home :) ... I live in Canada and would appreciate it if you could cover the shipping cost to send it to wherever you are!


Photo-Top For Me?

I love the style on Anna, but for those of you who know about my evolving style, do you think there could be room for something like this? I saw it in the store and it did speak to me - couldn't try it on though, because the only one was HUGE.

That and a cobalt pencil skirt! I am totally dying for one!!!!!


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Shopping Oops ... and new skirts!

I was in love with these skirts online but they were final sale - so I thought that I would bite the bullet and try them anyway! Remember how we were talking about more pencil skirts? I thought the first one was fun enough and tailored to be a balancing property.

Also; my shopping oops is I bought two of the second skirt! They changed the name of it, and I evidently thought it was super cute so I ordered a second one under a different name! (Silly me!)

But what do you ladies think?

PS: I love my dotty shell. It goes with EVERYTHING. Yay!


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WiW ... dress/scarf challenge and a scary day :(

Good afternoon!

Today is a difficult day for me, and luckily, my preceptors are kind and do not require me to come into work.

Regardless, I still wanted to get dressed for the day - and I thought my new dress was quite comfy. I usually don't wear scarves, but since I just came back from a trip, I thought I'd channel a little bit of vintage air stewardess vibe :)

A sad note on the dress - there are some holes in it from someone else trying it on - but luckily, I was fairly compensated for the damage by the company. Unfortunately, they do not have any new ones left, but I don't think it's too noticeable! :)

I doubt this is a kind of look I'd wear on a regular basis, but a forced infusion of fun today.


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