WiW: Metal mixing and a new debut!

Welcome to a new hardworking member of the family! My new rose gold watch from Fossil!

 And little did I know our dear Angie was going to write about mixing metals today! It was actually an accident today, because I usually wear my stainless steel watch!

 I love having a different watch to change around! It is simply fabulous and I am looking at a white mother of pearl and gold one :)

 Hope you are all well!
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  • replied 5 years ago
    You look great! I love your necklace.
  • Marley replied 5 years ago
    Great watch - and great outfit!  Is that a necklace underneath the jacket?  It looks really cool!
  • Gabrielle replied 5 years ago

    OMG. You look amazing. YOU ARE A ROCK STAR.

  • Inge replied 5 years ago
    It's beautiful, Lyn!! I keep looking at rose gold watches too, very tempting:-) Loving the sound of the mother of pearl and gold ones for you as well. A lass as fab as you needs options,right;-)

    Sweet green frock also!

  • biscuitsmom replied 5 years ago
    Really lovely!
  • Sara L. replied 5 years ago
    You always wear the best dresses!  I love the watch too, but the green dress is fabulous.
  • celia replied 5 years ago
    love your new watch. I hadn't seen that dress on you before (i think ) and really like the color on you. you are a very stylish doc.
  • lyn* replied 5 years ago
    Thanks ladies, I am unused to my watch not having the date, but aside from that, I do love it very much :)
  • Jjsloane replied 5 years ago
    Nice! I wore my new rose gold watch today too and had no choice but to mix metals. I found that rose gold is kind of my nude (at least on my arm) so I figured a neutral. 
  • Sarah S replied 5 years ago

    Is that some serious skirt layering going on under that dress? Love the different hem lines and the overall rich green colour. Superb!

  • Thistle replied 5 years ago

    So fab! Love the watch and that dress is gorgeous!

  • rae replied 5 years ago
    Beautiful necklace, and super cool necklace! May you all be very happy together. :D
  • Transcona Shannon replied 5 years ago
    First Fossil handbags, and now Fossil watches - love it! The watch is beautiful.

    Adore your green dress too.

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