WiW 5.27 - Remix and Renew!

Old favs today with a nip tuck! The skirt was one of my DIY projects and the top from a more blousey part of my past.

Not sure about this top; it's definitely two layers and I'll see how the top layer behaves over the course of the day. It sort of falls strangely.

  • Trench coat: Burberry
  • Top: RW&Co.
  • Cardigan: Ricki's
  • Skirt (Dress Hack): Anthropologie
  • Flats: Born
  • Earrings, Necklace: Anthropologie
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  • Adelfa replied 4 years ago

    The blue cardi picks up the border on the skirt and makes the outfit sing!

  • Alassë replied 4 years ago

    Ooh, I like the blue cardi with it - it's just right with the skirt.

  • replied 4 years ago

    I like the soft tone of the shirt with the blues.

  • rabbit replied 4 years ago

    I particularly love the last picture -- I've got a weakness for tonal looks with cardigans and intricate texture/pattern.

  • shedev replied 4 years ago

    I like it with the cardi.

  • Aida replied 4 years ago

    Ohh this subdued color palette was a surprise! I like it though, very pretty colors. SUPER cool necklace. Is the skirt print deer? I saw a mamma deer with two reaallllyyyy small fawns yesterday, no bigger than little dogs. SO CUTE. How did the blouse behave?

  • lyn* replied 4 years ago

    FAWNS ARE SO SOFT. I would imagine - it's a bad idea to touch them, after all! 

    I think the blouse is annoying. It bunched and needed to be pulled a lot because the sheer layer up top kept on escaping! :( 

  • Aida replied 4 years ago

    Oh that's a bummer. Does it work with pants? I usually reserve the dual-layered blouses for pants where I can let them flow freely.

    (For your viewing pleasure, a different mamma deer + 2 fawns that stopped by my place last August ^^)

  • pil replied 4 years ago

    If you always wear the top tucked would it be worth attaching both layers at the hem? I love the blue sweater with this.

  • shevia replied 4 years ago

    I love the lighter colors in #3 and the Burberry lives up to its name.

  • Aubergine replied 4 years ago

    Love the skirt! Looks like it was always meant to exist as a skirt.

  • lyn* replied 4 years ago

    I rarely wear pants and this top doesn't look very nice with them (uneven hem from repeated washing); I will have to think on it.

  • Kristin L replied 4 years ago

    Your skirt DIY looks great. I can't tell from your pic, but could you wear your brown double belt with the top? It could be another accessory for the skirt or top.

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