The Dating Capsule... Do I Need One? // UPDATE!

Dear YLF, I need your help on this one!

Do I really need a dating capsule? I usually just wear my casual capsule clothes - or whatever I was wearing to work that day. I generally don't try to dress in a particular way to make anyone happy (besides myself).

The only instance I can think of what I normally wear being inappropriate is if we do something fancy (do I need fancy clothes?) - or something super casual (I have mucky clothes too!)

It feels weird to see what clothes I have are "dating appropriate" when I just usually try to be comfortable. Is this the wrong approach?

PS: I found this beautiful blazer. I day dream about it all the time about the wonderful adventures we will go on together!

Updated - Just throwing a few looks together with StyleBook to see what I can come up with what I have :)

#3, 4 and 5 I have actually worn already - casual lunches! And #6 was for when I had to pop back to the hospital to do a dictation afterwards (no patient care).

Side note - man, that clutch is getting a lot of use!
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  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    If your clothes fit well and are a color and style flattering to you, I think you are fine. You want to be approachable without showing too much, I suppose.

    the blazer is gorgeous!

  • annagybe replied 5 years ago
    I think what you normally wear is fine. In my case I just tone the whackadoodle and man-repelling aspects because I don't want to scare them on meeting me. 
  • Mamapicklejuice replied 5 years ago
    Well, I've recently started thinking about girls-night-out and date-night capsules, myself.  Those clothes can also be comfortable, btw...who says they can't be?  The difference _might_ be that items in this particular capsule put them emphasis on the tops (really flattering necklines, sequins, luxe fabric, etc) because that's what's visible sitting across from someone at dinner.  My daytime casual tops are more muted, more subtle.  I found I wanted something a little dressier for going out.  Perhaps you already have these items in your wardrobe?
  • Suz replied 5 years ago
    I think a lot of what you already wear is perfect, Lyn. I wouldn't stress about it. But of course, if you want to go on a date with that blazer, nobody here will stop you!!  :-) 

    MMP has a good point, too...(and the blazer ties into that, in a a vibrant, pretty colour that would bring warmth to your face) is quite nice to wear something especially flattering to your skin tone up top. 
  • lyn* replied 5 years ago
    @ Joy - haha; I am worried about that sometimes! The stylist in the store was like, YOU HAVE TO SHOW SOME BOOB. Uh ... not if it makes me uncomfortable? She was -quite- insistent on it, I pondered (briefly) flashing her to make her shut up.

    @ Anna - but your clothes are so pretty! I hope you will find someone who can appreciate how artistic they are!

    @ Mamapicklejuice - that's a great idea! I never really think about too much stuff up top, but I guess if you're sitting down, then that area becomes more important!

    @ Suz - I have taken this blazer out on a coffee date in which I sat and enjoyed a wonderful latte and let the world admire my beautiful blazer. ;)

  • Nanabear replied 5 years ago
    Haha your post just reminded me of my forever alone status :D  I think all the outfits you put together go great for any date.  As long as you look fun and approachable without showing too much skin, you're golden.  That is a gorgeous blazer, by the way.  The colour would be perfect in making you stand out (in a good way).
  • DonnaF replied 5 years ago
    I would think you need new/additional clothes only if you would be going places or doing things not in your current life.  By this I mean clubbing, camping, rock climbing, etc.  I think you are covered for dinner, brunch, movies, theater, etc.  If your wardrobe were strictly Conservative Corporate or MOTG, you might not have what you need, but it isn't in either of those categories. 

    Did you know that red and all its iterations from pink to coral are supposed to be The Romantic Color?  I think that blazer is calling you. . . .
  • Rambling Ann replied 5 years ago
    Forget dating, I want to have an affair with the tortoise earrings in #5. Can I get their number? 
  • lyn* replied 5 years ago
    Ann - would you believe they are from Forever 21? I paid $4.80 for them, and I have worn them over 80 times according to my StyleBook! I love them to pieces and if they broke, I would cry!
  • Day Vies replied 5 years ago
    I think you have a lovely flirty style -- I am not sure you need a dating specific capsule. But yes I do think you need a fancy capsule -- that is not something you want to have to shop for at the last minute.
  • rachylou replied 5 years ago
    I shouldn't think so. Unlike myself, who does need a dating capsule... and still manages to make everything in it scary and weird ;>

    ETA: I would advise against wearing pink... I see pink in the pics posted with this thread. Not the best idea to lead with pink. Also, hide your stuffed animals and put away your make-up. My bf carried through, but he confessed to being frightened. Lol. Good man.
  • Firecracker replied 5 years ago
    Day Vies has an excellent point. Otherwise, I think you're set. I echo Mamapicklejuice's advice about focusing on your tops and thinking about which ones you feel most attractive in. If you're going out after work, you can change jewelry and footwear into something a little more special, to change your mood if nothing else.
  • CocoLion replied 5 years ago
    #3 and #7 are my favorite for a date.  There is an open neckline so you look good sitting down, and the outfits aren't too complicated.  This style of dress is feminine and alluring and focus on the waist to hip ratio which is very appealing to a man, as long as you don't keep the jacket on the whole time.
  • Diana replied 5 years ago

    I think your regular wardrobe will work admirably! You have a really fun, flirty style that I think is perfect for dates / going out anyway. In any case I think it's never a bad idea to show your sense of style on dates!

    I'd say maybe impractical-for-work accessories (like clutches or some jewelry) might be fun for a dating/going out capsule, but that's more just an excuse to buy those things. ;). I don't do impractical shoes period because they all hurt.

    Day vies has a good point too. I agree it's a good idea to have a small dress-up capsule since I find that hard to shop for. (maybe a LBD, another fancy, non black dress for weddings and such, dressy shoes, a wrapper jacket of some sort, fancy clutch, and jewelry.)

  • annaj replied 5 years ago
    Gorgeous!! I'd date you in any of those ;)

    I think you will look fabulous in any of those options. For me, it was always important to feel comfortable when dating - you don't want to be worrying about adjusting "special" clothes etc, you really just want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself! Present your best "you"!

    May your dating season be short, as you move on to something more serious... assuming of course, that is what you are wanting!
  • lyn* replied 5 years ago
    @ Rachylou - do you mean my makeup in my house? Or tone down my makeup all together? I don't really wear that much makeup ... lol, although I was in a hurry and showed up more than once without any except lip gloss! I will try to tone down my pink :)

    @ Firecracker - thanks! I wouldn't have thought of my feet! I recently had to buy some new flats for work :)

    @ CocoLion - I think I'd still have to work on feeling more comfortable with my arms, then :)

    @ Diana - I haven't been able to find a LBD I liked, much less feel like ULTIMATE LBD in, yet. I do have a black dress that I wear for such events though, and a navy one. Drat - I need to get pics off my friend's phone still. Thanks for the reminder!

    @ Anna - My dad's advice is - if it's the right one, don't be afraid to fight for him. :p 

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