Bloggers for Inspiration vs. Copycats

I have recently started a few different blogs, and a few of the articles of clothing I have come across have really spoken to me. I picked the three dresses enclosed in this article, because I feel that they really emphasize the kind of style that I really like for warmer weather: longer lengths, fit and flare, and generally, a higher neckline (1/3). I was so happy to find the dresses in stock (and on sale!) that I snapped them up right away, and can't wait to play with them in my closet.

So far, I haven't been disappointed by any of my "blogger suggested" articles of clothes. It's probably worthy to note that these were all dresses that the bloggers bought themselves (as opposed to were gifted by companies).

Moving forward, should I be cautious when using bloggers as inspiration to stay true to what I know works and be inspired by something that works for them, to see if it will work for me? I'm a little worried I'll become a blogger copy cat (although I will never have as many shoes as Amber!)

How do you balance the "advertisement" for things to be used as an inspiration vs. a pure copycat? 

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  • Adelfa replied 4 years ago

    I don't worry about becoming too much of a copycat, because I can't possibly keep up with fashion bloggers! So the occasional exact purchase is fine. Sometimes I do think my style is veering too far towards something or other, but it's not hard to make a correction.

  • MsLuna replied 4 years ago

    Those are so your style, lyn! But... I don't think you wear those clothes the same way the bloggers do. I am sure you will be styling them differently! I always say that even though two women are wearing the exact same outfit, their personalities give the outfit a different vibe.

  • Gigi replied 4 years ago

    I like what MsKatieKat said. I don't think it's really much different from seeing someone on the street wearing a dress that you like and going up and asking them where they got it. The blogger just happens to have a taste in style similar to yours, and if the cuts of clothes that they like to wear also fit your body shape well, I would say you've found yourself a bit of a shortcut to good-fitting clothing!

  • Deborah replied 4 years ago

    I think bloggers are great for inspiration, particularly if they are 'real people', what I mean is that they are people with other careers and have lifestyle and budget considerations just like we do. And what MsKatieKat said is true, we tend to bring our own personality and vibe to what we wear. The truth is there are possibly hundreds of girls out there wearing that ASOS dress, and wearing it there way. If you find you relate to the style of particular bloggers by all means use them as inspiration, and feel free to simply copy them when the mood takes.

  • unfrumped replied 4 years ago

    How us that different from buying from a catalog based on the on- line models? Surely everything is bought by hundreds of people so we are all " copying" something. I don't think that applies to single items.

  • Day Vies replied 4 years ago

    I don't think there's any harm in taking inspiration from bloggers that obviously have the same aesthetic when it comes to fit and flare dresses. Not buying the same exact dress when it appeals to you would just seem silly -- especially when someone has done the work of honestly reviewing it for you. If you're worried about the bloggers taking over your free will just keep your own fashion goals and preferences in mind when you're decided whether to buy or not. If something is on the bubble it's a don't.

  • Janet replied 4 years ago

    Unless the blogger in question was a friend or lived in my neighborhood, I wouldn't worry about copying. I wouldn't want to copycat someone I'd be likely to run into. :-)

  • mrseccentric replied 4 years ago

    ugh, i have such trouble shopping for clothes that i'd ask a fably-dressed bank robber on her way out the bamk doors for a tip on where she got those great stockings!

    Seriously, i think it's just another way to find out about what's out there and get some more info. on it. The only thing i would beware of is to check quality, i've seen (not bought) some pieces which were styled beautifully and gorgeously photographed by bloggers that were just execrable in real life. As long as you can do returns, no problemo.

    And if anyone in your professional life recognizes the inspo, perfect bonding opportunity!  steph

  • Windchime replied 4 years ago

    I agree with what others have pointed out. YOU are in charge of what you select from the blogs you read, and you bring your own twist to it. It's always interesting to me when several people post outfits here on YLF in response to an Angie blog outfit. You can see the similarities, but never does the identical outfit show up twice.
    On another note, I love your Asos skater dress!

  • TraceyLiz65 replied 4 years ago

    Isn't that exactly why bloggers post the information on where they bought something? These are all consistent with your style and makes sense for you to use the experience of the bloggers you follow . Love all these by the way!

  • unfrumped replied 4 years ago

    And ha, I've noted in some on-line clothing adds there are caveats "skirt is fuller than it appears on model".

    What the ? Why would that be--is  the clips you've got in back because the ad stylist though, gah, this is a loser-skirt unless we tart it up a bit!

    So yeah, I think maybe just caveat emptor so you know there may be hidden agendas for certain items to be featured, same as anywhere.

  • Echo replied 4 years ago

    In this case, you are buying styles that you already know work for you. You aren't copying a blogger who has a style completely different from your own. And I wouldn't worry about copying at all. The whole idea of bloggers putting things out there is to (hopefully) inspire others. Not only that, but unless your wardrobe in entirely bespoke, one has to consider that literally thousands of other people across the country own the same piece. If we buy RTW (as 99% of people do), we are not unique. The way we wear things makes them our own.

  • May replied 4 years ago

    I'm not a blogger but like to read blogs for inspirations.  I've noticed many bloggers post about the same item, especially if it is a trendy piece or a "must haves".  It doesn't bother me as each person can style it differently or have differing opinions about it.  Some bloggers are clear and upfront with crediting where they get their inspirations, while others do not.  Not sure how it works in the blogosphere, but I think that if you are clear that you were inspire by xyz then no one will find fault with you if you decide post about it.  Besides, it's refreshing to see how one item can be aesthetically different on different body types.

    PS I tend to follow bloggers who have the same body type as myself and it's nice to see how an item look at arm's length.

    Imitation is the best form of flattering but give credit where credit is due.  :)

  • Kristin L replied 4 years ago

    I don't see it as being a copycat, really. Sometimes, we need a bit of inspiration and if it's a style that you already love, then why not? 

  • lyn* replied 4 years ago

    Thanks everyone for such thoughtful replies! I was thinking about this thread a lot when I bumped into my dotty trench coat twin at work today - we both have very different body types but we both love your dotty trench! - I guess this is what you mean MsKatieKat and K!

    Adelfa - I found this is true, especially if the bloggers only wear something once. I like the ones who mix up some old stuff with their new things to keep current!

    Gigi - It's so true and wonderful! I've sort of outgrown the style of Rebecca (The Clothing Horse) although I really liked her style. I really am fond of Amber (Forever Amber), but I always have to remember she is shorter than me, so "knee length" on her is probably not on me.

    I would like to find a blogger that has a similar skin tone to me in addition to having a similar body shape and a dressing style, but I think that's a lofty expectation!! May, I really like your idea of "seeing how things look at an arm's length"!

    Deborah & Unfrumpled - I suppose this is very true of everything that is mass produced! I always forget and get really surprised when I see someone else wearing a dress from Anthropologie!

    Day Vies - I appreciate the honest reviews more than anything. The ones with the strange pinning (Mrseccentric that has happened to me and a skirt that I ordered that was simply so ghastly it hit the donate pile ASAP). Tracey - I call the source list my "cheat sheet" - and I totally feel free to raid that when I find something I totally love! I guess it's great advertisement for companies (which is also what you pointed out, unfrumpled and echo)!

    Janet - I once bought the same skirt as one of the staff persons who is probably at least twenty years older than me. We giggle about it a lot, but you're right - it's styled totally differently! Even if we wore the exact same top with it, the whole look is simply different.

    Windchime - An interesting idea about the Angie outfits - I never thought about that either!

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