3 Items, 6 Outfits - But I don't like all of them (aka girl math)

Just messing around in my closet tonight - and found three items (a dotty top, a dotty dress, and a pencil skirt) that can technically be used to make six different outfits.

Of course, if I included all of my toppers and could swap out different dresses and different tops, I would in theory, have infinite combinations of clothes to wear.

I have realized though - I don't like most of these combinations, and I would never wear them out of the house. This is why in theory, I could make 6 outfits out of 3 items, I never would.

Pic #1 - Dotty top! :)

Pic #2 - Outfit #1 - Dotty top + pencil skirt = I can see this working, with a black cardigan or maybe my red blazer

Pic #3 - Outfit #2 - Dotty dress + dotty top = I can see this working too; with a simple necklace or earrings. Pic #4
detail of layering which I surprisingly don't mind; not usually my cuppa tea, but the dots match enough, I think.

Pic #5 - Outfit #3 - Dotty top + dotty dress as skirt = just tied the top and tucked it in; not too bad, same theory as Pic 3 and 4, same dots, just reversed. Pic #6 - 
Dotty top + dotty dress as skirt = not too noticable that it's tied :p

Pic #7 - Outfit #4 - Dotty dress solo = not something I'd wear. I don't like the neckline and bare shoulders. I'd pair with a jean jacket or a cardigan before wearing :p

Pic #8 - Outfit #5 - Dotty dress + pencil skirt = not something I'd wear without a topper, same reason as outfit #4

Pic #9 - Outfit #6 - Dotty dress + dotty topper + dotty skirt = maybe for someone who likes ALGO? This just hurts my eyes :p

I think this is why a fully integrated "capsule" would never work for me - the aesthetics of what I like is too different. That being said, these three pieces can make three outfits I'd wear as is, and five outfits I'd wear with the addition of a jacket or a cardigan! :) I guess that's still pretty good girl math!


  • Multicoloured necklace: Anthropologie
  • Gold necklace: Ricki's
  • Dotty top: Sunny Girl (AUS)
  • Pencil Skirt: Anthropologie
  • Dotty dress: Anthropologie
  • Red belt: Anthropologie
  • Pumps: Le Chateau
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  • Peri replied 10 years ago

    My favorite is 5 & 6...love this! I think you can do 7, but not if you aren't comfortable.

    But...I really don't like 9!!! :)

  • Beth Ann replied 10 years ago

    2, 5/6, 7 and 8 are all fab and completely wearable!  I think exploring dots is a natural in your closet, and you've gotten a few new outfits out of it.  I suspect a true capsule would require more items that include both solids and patterns, but it certainly isn't a requirement for beautiful outfit creation, and you are amazing at outfit creation!

  • jurocha replied 10 years ago

    *Scratches hair and thinks 'How did she manage to hide a flare under a tube skirt and add no weird bulk?' Super props* I like 2, 5 and 8. And now I think whoever cut this polka dot dress was very unlucky: it seems a consensus that it works better as either a top or a skirt, but not that much as a dress (even if, and I agree with Peri, you could pull off 7!)

    Ah, 3 reminds me a little bit of a dirndl (and I love dirndl, but can't pull - have a hard time pulling - them off due my small bust). If you add a corset instead of the belt you have yourself a cute dirndl!

  • AnnieMouse replied 10 years ago

    Jurocha, get outta my head! ^__^

    Yeh, I can't even understand how that dress went under that skirt, but it looks rad.

    9 is the only one that I'm not super sold on, but it still COULD work. I think 7 & 8 are lovely, though I get the desire to top it with something (I'm on Team Covered Up, all the way!).

  • Mary Beth (formerly LBD) replied 10 years ago

    Super-cute retro pin-up girl for the win!  I love the first five outfits! ( Picture #9 looks like a good idea taken a little too far - but the proportions are flawless)

  • dizzys replied 10 years ago

    Fun experiment.

    Number 9 could probably be better with a solid red cardi or jacket. Something to balance the red from the skirt on the top and cut through or settle the patterns.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    Love your dotty looks! I do find the last one too ALGO for my personal liking though.

  • lyn* replied 10 years ago

    Thanks for your thoughts!! :)

    The dot dress is really light weight. On the other hand, the pencil skirt is not. That's how I could tuck it nicely :)

  • Suz replied 10 years ago

    What an experiment. So...the best one for looks is 5/6 but I wonder if it is comfortable since you had to tuck the top part? That is super clever capsule making! 

    Of course if you were really creating a capsule of mix and match you wouldn't choose all dotty items or items that didn't work well together. But this is admittedly one of the challenges of capsules. If we only really want to wear 2 out of 10 or 12 possible items, what's the point? 

    So does that mean we're shopping badly and just haven't chosen the right, mix-matchable items, or what? Still trying to get my head around this problem. 

  • lyn* replied 10 years ago

    I am sure we are just bad shoppers and need more practice. Wink wink!

  • Joy replied 10 years ago

    This is so much fun. I like all the looks but favorites are 2, 5/6 and 8. Add a cropped white or red jacket and the dress top will be more wearable. Even if all the possibilities don't work for you, there are still several outfits ready to grab and go.

  • Karie replied 10 years ago

    I love #2, 5/6, 7 and 8. I'm not crazy about the dotted top under dotted top look (#3/4 and 9). The dress on its own would look great with a lightweight sweater or denim jacket. 

  • Julie replied 10 years ago

    2,5 and 8 are looks very stylish and nice. I likes your fashion sense. You easily pair the apparels and all are looking nice.

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