The Leather Trend ... at Work?

I have seen many professional ladies with beautiful leather blazers (one in a beautiful emerald green that had me follow her from one building to another - then realize I was in the wrong hallway - just because it was absolutely gorgeous!), but I don't think a leather blazer is really the way I want to wear the leather trend this fall.

I love leather (lol, let's be honest here - it'll be pleather) skirts, but at the same time I'm worried it's going to be too much for work. I am thinking of going with looser fits and longer lengths, and colours other than black.

I also found this skirt online (1/2) - it has just an accent of leather; do you think that will be a safe way to play with the trend without being like OMG LEATHER (3/4)?

PS: The length is going to be just above the knee or on the knee for me.


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Winter Capsule Study - 52 Outfits; 13 Pieces

It always amazes me how many hypothetical outfits I can make for myself out of not a large amount of clothing - and exercises like this help me consider combinations I wouldn't have thought of previously! 

I thought about investing in a few key pieces this winter to help me integrate a few new trends that I think are amazing, but probably won't overdominate my wardrobe choices. In particular, the graphic sweater is something I've noticed a lot of our YLF-ers rock out, in particular Una and Anna come to mind - and I definitely want to try it out. I like the kitty sweater and I am thinking of trying a simple lettering one. Angie rocks her dotty sweater, so I definitely need one of those!

Solid tops are something I find really hard. I think they are boring and don't like investing in them. I am attracted by bow tops, so I kind of went a little hypothetically crazy here, but my bow tops I have are put through their paces a lot throughout the weeks. Most of my tops have low bows, so I chose a white one with a higher up one to work with my sweaters in #3.

Midi skirts however, are probably something I will be putting more money into given that they are not only on trend, but something that I love and are work appropriate. I am thinking of a solid navy, a solid black, a solid merlot and a patterned one. I am quite drawn to this patterned one, but it is very similar to my Anthropologie one - but with a few key differences: the fabrication is heavier, and there is the additional length. Still, I will give it some thought.

My existing cardigans are items that I replace every few years anyway, so I am thinking of picking up one or two in trendy colours. Oxblood is very pretty, and I'll probably grab a black one (not shown) because mine is a little worn. I thought Mustard for this exercise would give an additional pop of colour.

Other items I am considering include a chambray shirt for layering with all the sweaters in #3. Of course, once I incorporate my existing clothes, the combinations would explode exponentially - and hopefully I won't have to do crazy amounts of laundry. I am looking forward to combining sweaters with tutu tulle skirts that I already have! 

I hope you enjoy my indulgent fantasies - do any of you do these exercises too? Or keep them in your mind? I know that Ingunn is our capsule queen, so she must have a mind like a steel trap to keep it all straight! :) I'm more visual!


  • BOW BLOUSES - Pink, White, Merlot (Dorothy Perkins)
  • SKIRTS - Navy, Black, White (Dorothy Perkins) - Merlot (Asos)
  • CARDIGANS - Mustard, Cranberry (Ricki's)
  • SWEATERS - Dotty (Forever21) - Kitty (Dorothy Perkins) - Text (Used)

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3 Items, 6 Outfits - But I don't like all of them (aka girl math)

Just messing around in my closet tonight - and found three items (a dotty top, a dotty dress, and a pencil skirt) that can technically be used to make six different outfits.

Of course, if I included all of my toppers and could swap out different dresses and different tops, I would in theory, have infinite combinations of clothes to wear.

I have realized though - I don't like most of these combinations, and I would never wear them out of the house. This is why in theory, I could make 6 outfits out of 3 items, I never would.

Pic #1 - Dotty top! :)

Pic #2 - Outfit #1 - Dotty top + pencil skirt = I can see this working, with a black cardigan or maybe my red blazer

Pic #3 - Outfit #2 - Dotty dress + dotty top = I can see this working too; with a simple necklace or earrings. Pic #4
detail of layering which I surprisingly don't mind; not usually my cuppa tea, but the dots match enough, I think.

Pic #5 - Outfit #3 - Dotty top + dotty dress as skirt = just tied the top and tucked it in; not too bad, same theory as Pic 3 and 4, same dots, just reversed. Pic #6 - 
Dotty top + dotty dress as skirt = not too noticable that it's tied :p

Pic #7 - Outfit #4 - Dotty dress solo = not something I'd wear. I don't like the neckline and bare shoulders. I'd pair with a jean jacket or a cardigan before wearing :p

Pic #8 - Outfit #5 - Dotty dress + pencil skirt = not something I'd wear without a topper, same reason as outfit #4

Pic #9 - Outfit #6 - Dotty dress + dotty topper + dotty skirt = maybe for someone who likes ALGO? This just hurts my eyes :p

I think this is why a fully integrated "capsule" would never work for me - the aesthetics of what I like is too different. That being said, these three pieces can make three outfits I'd wear as is, and five outfits I'd wear with the addition of a jacket or a cardigan! :) I guess that's still pretty good girl math!


  • Multicoloured necklace: Anthropologie
  • Gold necklace: Ricki's
  • Dotty top: Sunny Girl (AUS)
  • Pencil Skirt: Anthropologie
  • Dotty dress: Anthropologie
  • Red belt: Anthropologie
  • Pumps: Le Chateau

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PPP - Presents and (eta) SNEAK PREVIEW OMG.

ETA: He sent me a sneak peek. But said it's a different colour. (Photo1)


I am hoping YLF can help advise me here on a sticky subject! I am trying to be PPP for the perfect trench coat, and I have embarked a few of my friends and family on the search for one. I apparently mention the PPP trench coat many, many times, but my godfather decided to surprise me and he wants to buy me a trench!

Now ... he had asked me previously why I found it so hard to buy a "perfect" trench and I had mentioned Burberry to him before. We even went together to a Burberry store and we tried on a few styles, but I didn't really like any of them. 

He just sent me an email to "keep an eye on my mailbox in September" - and I thought "uhoh". 

First - whatever he bought me, I am very happy for. I am very appreciative that he encourages my (crazy) style choices, and that he remembers all the weird things I talk to him about. 

But - he will expect me to get a lot of wear out of whatever he got me, and I'm terrified that it will be as far from PPP as possible! 

I have until the middle of September. Should I just get tons and tons of pictures of whatever he got me and then send him a pic once in awhile and pretend I wear it a lot? Even if I really hate it? So I don't hurt his feelings?


Purge/Keep x4?

1) This blazer. It didn't get a lot of love  when I posted it in WIWs (Pics 1-3).

2) This skirt. I don't know why I don't like it. It's not uncomfortable. I wouldn't object to keeping it around (Pics 4-6).

3) This dress. Also don't know why I don't like it. I haven't been reaching for it that much this year. I wouldn't object to keeping it around either (Pics 7-9).

4) This dress. Makes me feel big. Or my belly big. I haven't worn it since I bought it, which makes me kind of angry and anxious, especially since it's nicely made and I paid a fair bit for it. Can't return it, but makes me mad!!! (10 and 11).

Thanks for your opinions :)


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Presenting The Spring/Summer 2013 Wardrobe! :)

I was inspired by Mo's post to dig through my StyleBook and put together all the things that I have been wearing and will plan to be wearing for the upcoming Summer season ... and I have found a few interesting holes!

Blazers - 4
Jackets - 1
Tops - 10 
Skirts - 13
Dresses - 12
Pumps - 4
Flats - 2

I didn't include things that are in the Holding Zone - or things that I haven't worn yet this season. 

Wardrobe Holes (To Buy)
1. Sandals. Why don't have I sandals?
2. Tops with Colour +/- sleeves.
3. Pumps with Colour!
4. Button up top? Maybe? LE GASP. BUTTONS.
5. Well fitting black blazer!

Not Really Holes
1. I always think I don't have enough tops; although this isn't the case.
2. Not very many chances to wear necklaces due to work :( *le sigh*
3. My skirt needs will be fulfilled once a few of these items work their way through the postal system to me :) I also have a few swap outs that are planned - once the replacement comes, the original item will retire.

Are there any other glaring holes or fun things I should try to invest in finding?


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How to style ... Big Shot Dot Dress//J. Crew

So, I was lucky enough to snag a "nearly perfect" Big Shot Dot Dress (#1) from J. Crew last year, but unfortunately, it has never been out of my closet! GASP! I am not interested in passing on this beautiful dress, but I haven't really been able to wear it out yet, for whatever reason! It's a beautiful heavy cotton, and is lined :)

I have found that whenever I wanted a dotty dress, I have been reaching for my Scattered Dot Dress from J. Crew as well (#2) - it is more of a silk fabrication. For the last three weeks, I have been wearing it in the same outfit - with a black blazer and nude or black pumps.

I have found a blogger with the Big Shot Dot wearing it with brownish pumps (#3) - and I think my go to look was inspired by Kate (#4).

Does anyone have any styling suggestions for Big Dotty? I feel that it's just SO versatile I have NO idea what I'm doing with it! Is that crazy?!!! :D I'd love any suggestions you guys have!


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One Top; Five Ways :)

I was going through my retrospectives this year as my R1 year is drawing to a close (we have about a month left) and trying to figure out how my style preferences have changed (for better or for worse - haha); I noticed that this top makes a guest appearance a few times, although I must admit I have not been very good about taking a pic every time I have worn it, and I don't take pics of repeat outfits.

The ruffle stripe top originally came from Smart Set's clearance rack and I liked the way the navy stripes were diagonal and not straight like all of the other tops, so I nabbed it in a medium without trying it on :p (This was pre-YLF) - I think I've had it for 3 to 4 years; and it's always been easy and fun to pair with things, although I think it's high time I get it tailored (I always think to myself that I need to do this!) 

It's funny how fast my hair grew, eh? And look, all of the skirts with this top have relatively been long! So I guess this top was ahead of its time? :)


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Uhoh ... getting kinda sick of short fit and flares.

I think I'm falling in love with midi skirts and those that are just below my knee! I didn't know how much more comfortable they would be in clinic and when I'm driving when I don't have to worry about flashing thigh!

I am thinking of rolling my shorter fit and flares into a plastic bin and waiting for the winter - it's more forgiving if I have tights on vs. bare legs in the summer, to show a little thigh. 

I have a sneaky feeling that when winter rolls around, I'll still be loving my midi's though - I really like the below-the-knee length, and I think I will pony up my next month's budget to get a few things tailored closer to winter when i can't wear pumps as often.

Please tell me longer lengths are here to stay for a little bit ... right? It's hard to find a midi length in stores (I think Angie was talking about this last year too!) so eBay and Anthro have really been helping me out here.

My bonus cheque this month should really be made out to Anthro from the hospital! HAHA.

I did the math, and they're actually quite a bit cheaper than what I usually spend on skirts, and I love the reviews - here's what I did when I was on "home call" this weekend - dug up cute and adorable skirts from eBay!

1/2. My favorite - they tote it as a year-round dress, so I hope I will be able to make it work; it seems subtle enough in that way; and is a nice silk/cotton blend. Apparently it has a bit of a sheen in the "sea" part of the fabric, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it in person! ($50 - regular $158)

3/4. Another number I'm hoping will be versatile - I think it will be easy to pattern mix with this one; but it seems that it is simple enough that I can wear with black turtleneck for winter. ($50 - regular $178)

5. Definitely one for summer, but a cotton skirt with lining that is long enough for me and utterly adorable cannot be passed on! ($40 - regular $130)

6. They tote this one as a "year round" dress too - but I think it will work nicely with some of my patterned tops, and I don't have very much yellow in my closet. It should keep the yellow away from my face, so that is quite good! And it has pockets!!! I can easily see this one transitioning seasons! ($60 - regular $178)

7/8. I am debating about this one; I thought because of it's cottony nature it would definitely be more of a summer skirt, but the way they have styled it seems to make it easy to transition as well. I like the subtle pattern, but would this be too much of a repeat of dress 1 and 6 in terms of colours?

Are you guys sporting longer lengths more?

Is this me just becoming more adult? I just feel so TWEE sometimes in my shorter flare skirts.

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Ask Angie & YLF: "Formal" Event - What to Wear?

Dear Angie and YLF,

I have been invited to an ambiguous event. There is no dress code on the invitation (it is a faculty dinner), and people I have asked said it is as "formal as you want" - which is no help.

I am unsure what I should be wearing to avoid being overdressed (although that is better than being underdressed, of course). Last time we went to a similar event, there were people in full out floor length gowns ranging to someone showing up in a button up shirt and slacks.

I have posted what I thought I might wear ... Any suggestions? 

I am hoping to not have to buy stuff. :p But I will if I have to!

#1 - I have this in black, not red; although I can't find a pic of the red.
#2 - I wore this for my grad banquet, although not a repeat crowd.
#3 - A bit heavier for spring, I had intended this for a winter event.

#1 - A bit flashy for a not-solid dress, maybe?
#2 - Nude pumps go with everything? Boring?
#3 - Black pumps go with everything? Boring? :p

#1 - A peacock theme?
#2 - Easy to match :)
#3 - Ditto, easy to match!


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