WiW: 04.17 - Spring Colors and A Squishy Friend!

It is so soft and squishy!!!! I love my new purse: it is roomy and keeps all of my stuff! I love the blue and had mixed feelings about the silver hardware though!

And brighter colours! But glum mood. Probably because I work Friday and Sunday of long weekend. :(

  • Earrings: Ruche
  • Dress: eShakti
  • Cardigan: Joe Fresh
  • Tank: Smart Set
  • Belt, Necklace: Anthropologie
  • Watch: Fossil
  • Boots: Frye
  • Purse: Kate Spade (Little Minka)

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WiW: 04.15 - It Looked Better in My Head!

Unfortunately, I don't really consider this a winner in my books: the skirt is starting to pill a bit and I bought this top two years ago, and back then it was a pattern mixing powerhouse.

Maybe I have outgrown these pieces? I can't put a finger on it, but definitely not a favourite.

  • Cardigan, Top: Ricki's
  • Earrings, Belt: Anthropologie
  • Watch: Fossil
  • Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
  • Boots: Frye

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WiW: 04.16 - A (Hidden) Twist on an old Favorite!

Do any of you guys see what is new with my plaid dress?

Hopefully not, because that wouldn't be a very good hidden twist! I just turned it backwards because the "neckline" in the back was higher and over the course of the day I felt it was lower than I liked!

Luckily, the pockets are on slant so no problems there!!

And the buggy earrings are out to play on a no patient day!

Any styling suggestions for this dress? I feel a bit stagnated with it sometimes despite my love for it!

  • Earrings, Jacket: ModCloth
  • Necklace, Dress: Anthropologie
  • Cardigan: Ricki's
  • Belt: Joe Fresh
  • Boots: Born

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WiW: 4.11 - FFBO for Examining the Med Students!

I am always super nervous before an exam, especially if my examiner looks harsh and mean!!

I tried to send a warm and approachable vibe with both colours and a pattern mix!

Someone commented they didn't know they made skirts tgat long since their grandmother had them! I laughter: it's not even a "real" midi!!! I chalked it up to exam nerves for that candidate!

Hope you guys like it more than that!


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WiW: 4.09 - A Robin on Your Breast; Someone Know My Style!

This dress was a huge hit, and a rather immature friend commented I had "birdie boob" although none of the birds sit on my boob. Lol.

Bonus Share:
A gift; with a striped card reminiscent of the Kate Spade Carolyn dress. I think someone knows my style well! The little gold metallic bow clutch is darling! Squee!


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My Fashion Faux Pas (aka, My DIY Mishap)

Remember my Baker Street Coat? (http://www.modcloth.com/shop/c.....style-coat) - We had commented earlier on YLF that it would look more like the Sherlock coat with the red buttonhole! 

That seemed like a really easy DIY, so I sat down with an episode of Downton Abbey (Season IV) and did the project. It only took about 10 minutes and looked pretty darn snazzy.

I was really excited to wear the jacket, but was approached by a stranger on the subway who asked me when I was in France. Uh, never been to France? 

An education occurred - Sherlock's red button hole is a sign of a high honour in France, usually for service to the people. 

Absolutely. Mortified. 

At least it was an easy fix - and I love my jacket again - but it reminds me that fashion has other consequences too! And just because something looks good doesn't mean that I can wear it! 


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WiW: 04.08 - The Baker Street Special (aka new coat!)

Missed you all, and WiWs!

The best things come in unexpected packages, right? I got this coat through a swap and I didn't think it would work for me, but I needed something that was warmer than a trench and cooler than my parka.

Modcloth made some reference to Sherlock Holmes in their title for the coat and I'm not too sure why ... But love the crazy hem and the stand up collar! And it's so cozy!

And I ran into my Moriarty today on the subway - perfect occasion for breaking in a Sherlock coat, no?

  • Scarf: Gift
  • Coat: BB Dakota
  • Dress: Eva Franco
  • Booties: Frye

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Colour Combos - Cognac and Cobalt? Y/N?

Last year, I had purchased a beautiful cognac leather coat (seriously best purchase almost ever - thanks Danier) - and I had to put my Kate Spade bag  away (brownish roan red) because I thought that colours clashed. I still use the bag when I do not wear the leather coat, which isn't really that often - so my poor bag gets to stay in my closet.

Now that I'm looking to purchase another bag, the one that I like is cobalt blue. What do you ladies think of the combination of cobalt and cognac? 

It'd be silly of me to purchase another bag that doesn't go with my jacket! Thank you for your thoughts! :)

  1. Kate Spade - Cobble Hill Little Minka (Atlantic Blue)
  2. Alternative View
  3. Kate Spade - Brighton Park Sloan 

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