WiW: 9.17 - Belted on top? Vs. not?

I see this type of belting a lot on Pinterest and was wondering if you could see it working for me?

I have been having trouble finding the right belt for the right length of cardigan and this may be the closest I have come to being okay with it.

Any suggestions with this particular style would be very much appreciated.

ETA: The usual way.




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WiW: 9.16 - Bouncing Blueberries or Mouldy Toast?

One of my rather grumpy patients announced that I look like moldy toast with a pat of butter. Lol. At least he has a good imagination?

I still love the bouncing blueberries!!!


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WiW: 9.15 Celebrating the End of Summer

... With being on call! Lol. Ugh.

Popping on some old favorites does remind me how my style has changed over the last two years. This dress was one of my first "upscale" purchases and I still love it to pieces.

This blazer, though I am somewhat less fond of: I think it is a bit long for me and I keep it only to wear with this dress. I may eventually purge when I find another nice black blazer (harder than it looks!)

Also, navy toenails to match navy dots! :)

  • Blazer: SmartSet
  • Dress: J Crew
  • Necklace: Le Chateau
  • Earrings: RW&Co
  • Watch: Fossil
  • Pin: Star Trek
  • Sandals: Clark's

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Fitting Room Help: is this too vavavoom?

Passes the sit test!


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WIW x5: Airplanes, Blueberries, Cities and a Dud...

Technically only four outfits this week - I had a night of call; so it's a jammy day today and I really need to get to sleep ... but I got a little OCPD and was angry with the formatting of photos, so I had to pull out the old PowerPoint and manually adjust things. :) My "tolerance of discomfort" is low today.

Outfit #1 - In which a patient tried to name all the airplanes on my skirt instead of answering the questions and paying attention to therapy - I enjoyed the flying theme - peacock feathers and an airplane skirt! I may have to rethink this skirt for longer sessions, especially if people are starting to ask why the F14 is on the skirt and why SeaKings are under-representated :p May be a clinic skirt only. - Blazer: RW&Co, Top, Earrings: SmartSet, Skirt, Necklace: ModCloth, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Pumps: Le Chateau, Watch: Fossil

Outfit #2 - Bouncing blueberries with pink cardigan (YLF suggested!) - I am getting a lot of use out of this dress which is surprising to me because of the fabrication (it's really a party dress), but I really love it! And bouncing blueberries make me happy! - Cardigan: Forever21, Dress: Betsy Johnson, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Necklace: Le Chateau, Earrings: RW&Co, Pumps: Naturalizer, Watch: Fossil

Outfit #3 - Bouncing blueberries with the "Blackberry" coat - Cheating a bit; I already shared this! Love the coat. I get strange looks when I leave it hanging where everyone else hangs up their jackets though, so it may need to live in my locked office. *sigh* - Same sources as #2 - Trench: Gift

Outfit #4 - The City of Night dress for a night shift sounded fitting :) - Tons of compliments, as per usual for this dress. I didn't really like it with the darker cardigan though, it's too wintery for my light shoes. I didn't really wear the cardigan much at work, anyway. +30C out today and our A/C was on the fritz. Someone complimented me on my deltoids. LOL. Cardigan: Ricki's, Dress: Maggie Suiz, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Earrings: Ruche, Pumps: Naturalizer, Watch: Fossil

Outfit #5 - "There is something going on here that I like." - From a patient who doesn't like anything. Ever. Even pumpkin pie, she turns her up nose at. I guess something is going on right here then!! - Cardigan: Ricki's, Blouse: Dorothy Perkins, Dress: Anthropologie, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Pumps: Naturalizer, Earrings: RW&Co, Watch: Fossil

Outfit #6 - Oooooooh boy. - I took a look at some Pinterest outfits and thought that a chambray shirt would be SUCH A GOOD IDEA. No. I think it's terrible. But I thought I'd share anyway. Wouldn't wear this out of the house. Thanks. - Shirt, Cardigan: Ricki's, Dress: Ruby Belle, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Pumps: Naturalizer

Bonus #7 - I love my little zippy wallet - I've used it every day since I have purchased it, but it's larger counterpart, my Coach Legacy purse, has sat on a shelf. Just to prove it's hard to predict what will get used and what will not! :) I think I'm going to pass on the purse and keep the wristlet!! HAHA. Oh dear. - Dress: Modcloth, Wristlet: Coach


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Repair or Replace? Light Coloured Pumps

I think I know the answer to this one, but I heard the heel go yesterday and was a bit sad.

And I just put in new gel inserts too! Gah!

Thanks for your input!! :)


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WiW: When the subway broke. My Burberry!

Tee hee!!

Tons of time today. Not going anywhere in a hurry. Luckily there is some cellular reception that I can post a quick WiW while being stuck on the way to work!

Fun times.

It's only ten degrees out this morning, so Blackberry (as my dad says) gets some play.

Thirty minutes and counting.


  • Dress: Betsy Johnson
  • Belt: Vintage Burberry
  • Necklace, Pumps: Le Chateau
  • Earrings: RW&Co
  • Coat: "That's a Blackberry coat, right?" - Dad.

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Try/Pass: Two Piece Dress?

Oooh ... look what I found at my local Ricki's!

Is this a two piece dress like the kind that Angie was talking about? 

Is it too much to be worn together? I like the dress as a separate piece, but the topper isn't something I'd normally consider alone. If the dress was a separate topper and a skirt, that would be lovely.

Any thoughts? :)


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Winter Capsule Study - 52 Outfits; 13 Pieces

It always amazes me how many hypothetical outfits I can make for myself out of not a large amount of clothing - and exercises like this help me consider combinations I wouldn't have thought of previously! 

I thought about investing in a few key pieces this winter to help me integrate a few new trends that I think are amazing, but probably won't overdominate my wardrobe choices. In particular, the graphic sweater is something I've noticed a lot of our YLF-ers rock out, in particular Una and Anna come to mind - and I definitely want to try it out. I like the kitty sweater and I am thinking of trying a simple lettering one. Angie rocks her dotty sweater, so I definitely need one of those!

Solid tops are something I find really hard. I think they are boring and don't like investing in them. I am attracted by bow tops, so I kind of went a little hypothetically crazy here, but my bow tops I have are put through their paces a lot throughout the weeks. Most of my tops have low bows, so I chose a white one with a higher up one to work with my sweaters in #3.

Midi skirts however, are probably something I will be putting more money into given that they are not only on trend, but something that I love and are work appropriate. I am thinking of a solid navy, a solid black, a solid merlot and a patterned one. I am quite drawn to this patterned one, but it is very similar to my Anthropologie one - but with a few key differences: the fabrication is heavier, and there is the additional length. Still, I will give it some thought.

My existing cardigans are items that I replace every few years anyway, so I am thinking of picking up one or two in trendy colours. Oxblood is very pretty, and I'll probably grab a black one (not shown) because mine is a little worn. I thought Mustard for this exercise would give an additional pop of colour.

Other items I am considering include a chambray shirt for layering with all the sweaters in #3. Of course, once I incorporate my existing clothes, the combinations would explode exponentially - and hopefully I won't have to do crazy amounts of laundry. I am looking forward to combining sweaters with tutu tulle skirts that I already have! 

I hope you enjoy my indulgent fantasies - do any of you do these exercises too? Or keep them in your mind? I know that Ingunn is our capsule queen, so she must have a mind like a steel trap to keep it all straight! :) I'm more visual!


  • BOW BLOUSES - Pink, White, Merlot (Dorothy Perkins)
  • SKIRTS - Navy, Black, White (Dorothy Perkins) - Merlot (Asos)
  • CARDIGANS - Mustard, Cranberry (Ricki's)
  • SWEATERS - Dotty (Forever21) - Kitty (Dorothy Perkins) - Text (Used)

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WiW x5 ... and the "Burberry" Debut!

Phew! It's been a busy week! I must say I miss YLF a lot in the mornings, and it is strange because I am actually getting to work -later- than before when I did post WIW. Who knows! :)

Real life stuff: I passed my therapy examination and got caught up in a lockdown of our subway system because a firearm was spotted (in the end, turned out to be unloaded and inoperable, but still a bit scary) - I ended up walking about 5 km home - thank goodness for a spare pair of flats in my locker!

Outfit 1 (1/2) - "Aren't you cuter than a bruised peach?" - I hum and hawed about getting this dress, because I thought I had enough florals in my closet, but I'm glad I did get it! I love how it pairs equally well with my brown blazer and pink blazer, as well as my yellow and pink sweaters! :) And all my patients commented on my T-Rex necklace. I guess they do pay attention to what you wear! Dress: Ruby Belle, Cardigan: Joe Fresh, Earrings: Anthropologie, Necklace: ModCloth, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Watch: Fossil, Shoes: Le Chateau

Outfit 2 (3/4) - aka "You look like Dr. Blueberry!" - This was advertised as a party dress, but it wasn't too shiny, and I wanted to wear it! It is tulle lined, but I thought it would be fun. The tulle is a bit scratchy though! Blazer: Rickis, Dress: Betsy Johnson, Earrings: RW&Co, Necklace: ModCloth, Belt: Anthropologie, Watch: Fossil, Shoes: Le Chateau

Outfit 3 (5/6/7) - aka "DID YOU GET THAT DRESS IN AFRICA?" - Someone thought that there were chicken drumsticks on my dress, so that made for a rather interesting discussion. They are definitely giraffes. One of the other residents was convinced that the shirt came with the dress ... I guess they are a good match? Also, I think hair down in #6 makes me look more round. Dislike. Wore the ponytail. Blouse: Dorothy Perkins, Dress: Ruby Belle, Belt: Vintage Burberry, Shoes: Le Chateau

Outfit 4 (8/9) - aka "Dr. WHOOOOO?" - One of my patients was worried that my necklace was made of stones so it'd be really heavy and I'd drown if I fell into a river. I thanked her for her concern. :p Cardigan, Belt: Forever21, Blouse, Skirt: Ricki's. Pumps: Le Chateau. Watch: Fossil.

Outfit 5 (10/11) - No one said anything about this outfit, so no quotes :p Not sure how I feel about it. Not my regular kind of style, no topper, maybe. It's also more busy than I prefer. Blouse: Sunny Girl, Skirt, Belt: Anthropologie, Necklace: ModCloth, Pumps: Le Chateau.

Burberry Debut (12-16) - Love it! Plaid lining on the inside, under the collar and in the windflap in the back. Also, lined pockets! And I love how you can neatly wear your jacket open without everythin' flappin' in the breeze! Also, need to tie the knot at the back neater!


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