WiW: Wearing (almost) the same thing as a patient. Who is a man.

So, I get to work today and there was something urgent going down ("Dr. Lyn, we have someone who is actively crumping!!!"), so I didn't have time to grab my white coat. I arrived onto the ward with my jacket and all! And low and behold, my new patient today was wearing almost the same thing I was. Down to the bomber jacket, except he earned his through football and I earned mine through crusing the sale racks at Forever21! He also had a black and white striped shirt (no skirt though), and he wore black pants. He thought my outfit was hilarious. Also, he was fine, they just put the monitor on in correctly.

Regardless, here's my WiW - this is another dress that I had bought before SYC that I wasn't sure what to do with. I think the initial intention was to use the top and pair it with a solid skirt, but I think it's okay as a dress, even though with the pleats and the stripes, you can't see all the stripes - that's okay, right?

This bomber is so fun! Thanks for the recommendation, Angie!

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WiW: Wardrobe Orphans Out to Play!

When you're SYC you're gonna dig in to the deepest corners of your closet to see what you have to play with, right? 

I found some fun pieces! I love this stripe dress (it reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream!) and the cotton is actually quite sturdy and the pockets are super fun! I got a ton of compliments on it!

And the bomber jacket trend - I had picked this up for $12 at Forever 21 clearance because I needed a looser jacket last season for some bizzare reason or another; but hey - I think it kinda works together to toughen up my dress somewhat! 

I did pack a black cardigan to wear at work though; bomber jackets are probably too trendy for the hospital :P And too warm!

PS: Yesterday was a terrible, no good, double bad day - I locked my wallet and my keys inside my locker, and my lock combo was written on the back of my wallet (I'm dyslexic and memorizing numbers won't happen. Ever.) Regardless, the person who knew the combo was (of course) away until Wednesday. Consequently, I walked about 5 km home, but I had a coupon for a free coffee, so I had something to slurp on the way! HAHA. I also had to walk 5 km this morning to get to work to retrieve my car. :p

At least I had a cute dress? :) And good walking shoes? And it was +7?

PPS: Bonus! #5 - One of the dresses I had wanted for a long time that happened to be in the discard pile of a friend who was moving across the country IN MY SIZE. SO TOTALLY MINE! *squee* - It needs to get dry cleaned, though, because her cats sleep in her discard pile and I am allergic to cat dander! (ironic, cat dander on a cat dress!)

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