A Retrospective: WIW 5 Years Ago - 10 Hilarious Pictures

Haha; my mother was saying that she found a bunch of my old clothes from before I moved out to go to medical school and would I want them now? It got me thinking about what I wore 5 years ago - and here's a snapshot of the pics I could find that reflected my style back then.

I don't know what I would call it? Walmart Boho? HAHA. And omg, those are some terrible dresses in #6 and #8. I wouldn't be caught dead in those these days!

And a bonus pic of me in pants - #10 - actual dress pants for my white coat ceremony. Ugh. What a terrible fitting top too! :)

At least I still like bright pink (#3) and square necks (#3, 7, 9) ... but man, that jacket in #1 is just absolutely dreadful. I was surprised I owned a white shirt (#3, #2) - because I thought I never did!

Glad I'm outta that phase of my life - NO MOM I DO NOT WANT THOSE CLOTHES BACK!

Hope you all had a good laugh :)

PS: The cat in #1 is not my kitty. His name is Buddy and he's not soft, even though he looks like he would be. He's actually really greasy feeling :(


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Shopping! Just under the wire...

... and I snagged the last two of these in a size 'small'!!!! :D I had to denude two mannequins in the store, but ah-ha! I have snagged them!

The last two in my city; and whoo, mine mine mine.

Post call treat :)


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Wi didn't W: Pattern Mix!

I thought I would do something a bit fun today, but I did chicken out and went with a solid magenta skirt instead! I wasn't sure how much I liked this pattern...

I will have to try this skirt with another top! It is too cute to be an orphan! :)


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